Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, Monday

And so, another weeks begins! Still counting down...Four more weeks. See how managable it is getting? It is beyond wonderful to feel that the end is in sight.

The rest of my life is as it should be, I suppose. I do continue to feel gratitude that my kids are all behaving themselves, thus far, over the course of this hot, hot summer. Friendships are being maintained to a satisfactory degree for all parties, I think...although I am starting to think I had the wrong end of the stick with Long Distance Guy. That seems to be making its way towards a more fraternal thing than a red hot love affair. Thats fine, or rather, it has to be fine. When there is so much space involved it becomes more than difficult to insist on something more...

No secret mission last week, due to sudden complications wrought by sun and other circumstances. I remain hopeful, however, that this week will be more fruitful. Circumspectly speaking, those secret missions save my sanity.

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