Saturday, July 16, 2005

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Today, I had to bring my youngest son to work with me for a couple of hours. He is getting big enough that it is really not a problem, although a couple of hours is the most he can happily handle. It is always fun, but sort of unsettling to have any of my kids here at work with me. It is like worlds colliding, you know?

Yesterday evening, I took my two youngest kids and my nephew to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. We met my oldest son, his girlfriend & her baby girl there. We all really liked it. I love me some Johnny Depp, as any right thinking person does. It was fun to watch, with the production designs and all, plus it was a more twisted take on the tale. It didn't "feel" exactly like Roald Dahl, as Tim Burton has a pretty stong vision himself, but if certainly seemed to better reflect Roald Dahl's dark sensibilities.

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