Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You Know My Thoughts

Happy Wednesday...which this week is sort of like a Friday for some folks. Me, I have Thursday and Friday off, but have to work Saturday. So today is sort Wednesday I guess.  None the less, in honor of this non-typical Wednesday, I thought I'd give you a non-typical Choose and Defend!

Here is my thought process...I wanted to do something Thanksgiving oriented, in spite of the sort of mixed reviews the holiday gets in these more enlightened times. In spite of the rather shameful origins of our place on this land, I like this holiday for the reminder to be thankful! It is a harvest festival...people besides those owning factory farms used to be thankful for their crops. We can all be thankful when our little gardens do well. We can be thankful for any number of things and should remember to, indeed, BE thankful. So...Thanksgiving is about gratitude and also, undeniably, about food.

I thought to myself, I could do a sort of blessings based Choose and Defend...I could do a favorite Thanksgiving food Choose and Defend....could I do something combining both?  I sure can! It is my blog, after all!  So this week's non-typical Choose and Defend goes like this -

Please Choose the dish you most look forward to each Thanksgiving. Then, tell how it relates to something for which you give thanks.  For example - The dish I most look forward to is the stuffing! I like mine good and bready. I don't like a lot of fruits and vegetables in there...just deliciously moist bread cubes and maybe some onion and spices. Throw some gravy on there, yeah!
Now...this relates to one of the things I am most thankful for this year...the good health of myself, my family, a great majority of my friends. Stuffing makes me remember that while I can't eat like this every day and expect to have continued great health, I can indulge now and again and I am thankful for that!
Will you give it a try? I know it is a different Choose and Defend, but indulge me if you can. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, you can simply play using any favorite food and blessing! See how easy?
So...Happy Choose and Defend Wednesday! Happy Thanksgiving Thursday tomorrow! ♥


Secret Agent Woman said...

Today a patient mentioned that her neighbor would be bringing oyster stuffing for diner tomorrow (a recipe form that neighbor's grandmother). I had a wave of missing my own grandmother and her oyster stuffing. I am grateful for an abundance of good memories.

3GKnight said...

Toughest one yet! If I had to pick one, the stuffing is my favorite. Another that I used to like was the green bean casserole, but it has gotten more and more mediocre. So I'm taking over that dish this year. Hopefully it's a good one.

NoRegrets said...

Someone likes dresses for Thanksgiving...

Me, well, the stuffing (there's a theme here). There was never enough, and whoever got some crispy bits was so lucky, and we generally shared. Which makes me thankful for my family which generally is respectful of each other. Enough to share the crispy bits.

laura b. said...

Secret: Memories are so important. They have helped me keep loving people going through unlovable times :)

3GK: I hope your green bean casserole turned out well! It must include the crispy onion bits, right?

NoRegrets: Whap! Deleted! :)
That is a really nice comment about the nature of your family. The crispy bits are divine.

Tara said...

I love my mom's stuffing. I don't like the veggies in there, either.

Let's about dessert? No matter how stressful the meal or family can be, everything finishes off happier when dessert arrives. It's a happy ending to sometimes a stressful, chaotic holiday.

laura b. said...

Tara: You make a great point! By the time dessert rolls around the tensions have usually disappeared :) Pumpkin pie to the rescue!