Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's Gonna Set You Free

Thanks for stopping by for some Saturday Scavenger Shots! Today's word is GRATITUDE. I chose it in honor of our upcoming holiday here in the U.S. 

This is an easy one. I make a conscious effort to focus on truly experiencing GRATITUDE for all the gifts I've been given.  Here are just a few of those gifts -

Delicious foods. Especially things that are chocolate. GRATITUDE.
My job. I complain about it, but really it is a wonderful way to earn a living. GRATITUDE.
Love. It is a gift to send it out into the world and to feel it coming back to you. GRATITUDE.
My awesome family. Healthy, happy, and possibly a bit crazy. GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE, ad infinitum.
I feel GRATITUDE for the opportunity to  have met so many amazing people through the magic of the Internet. You guys have literally (okay...figuratively) rocked my little world :)
Now all that is left to do is tag....Jasen! Choose wisely or foolishly. Either way is good! It's all good. Thank you. GRATITUDE.


Secret Agent Woman said...

That's a nice photo of you and DR.

Counting blessings - it's the way to go!

Jasen Buch said...

I will post my photo tomorrow if can actually think of one. You, however, have posted many, many wonderful ways to show gratitude. I am grateful for your friendship and blogship over the years. Thank you.

And now, the word. The word for next week will be in honor of another American holiday: BLACK.

FW said...

Nice photos AND I am grateful for you as a blogging friend!

laura b. said...

Secret: Thank you. And I love counting blessings :)

Jasen: Aw! You have been a great friend to me, thank YOU!
LOVE the word...very appropo.

FW: Thank you so much FW! Right back at you :)

Tara said...

I love that last shot. Siblings seem to automatically know how to be fun and goofy with each other.

laura b. said...

Tara: That has been my experience. Put them in the same room and watch for the goofy to begin :)