Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Bought a Six-Pack at the Liquor Store

Happy Wednesday to all you happy people. Sorry I haven't been around blogs much the past few days. As you may know, I am staycationing this week. I don't do as much internetting in general when I am having some down time. However, you know I couldn't miss Choose and Defend Wednesday!

Today, real talk. We just had a big election here and the U.S. and it is time to move on. I may have asked this question or a similar one before, but it seems timely. Basically, I'm just taking our collective emotional temperature, so to speak. Most of us tend to skew towards either optimism or pessimism as a sort of character trait. We're realists or maybe wishful thinkers.  But right now, at this moment in do you feel? Is the glass...

Half Empty

Half Full
I understand this is a rather fatuous question. You understand that most of the questions I ask here are. But I'm sincerely curious. How to do you feel, right now. At this moment. Let us can even tell us what's in your glass! Choose and Defend.

Thx! xxxxxx!


Jasen Buch said...

My glass is half full of science-y goodness these days. I think things are definitely looking up. GLASS HALF FULL, final answer.

FW said...

I'm in a half-full mood at the moment. said...

The glass is always completely full -- the question is really what the ratio of water to air is in the full glass.

Yep, I'm going with that. I want full glasses to be identified as such. No more of these emotional responses ("I want there to be more water!", "There'd be less air if people didn't feel so entitled to water!") -- let's try being logical for a little while instead.

Tara said...

I'm happy with the election results, so I see the glass half full.

Enjoy the heck out of your staycation! I'm off on Friday and I can't wait to get there.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Half-full for the presidential election. (More than half-empty for my state's elections). But still, I'm overall pleased.

NoRegrets said...

Half full in this case. Because they gotta keep filling!!!

silly rabbit said...

I don't see how the glass changed at all, so I don't know. Election wise I feel kind of meh. I'm just glad its over because I am so done with it. But life wise... surely half full.

laura b. said...

Jasen: All that science-y goodness! One for Half Full.

FW: That is good to hear :) Two for Half Full.

James: While, personally, I admire your reasoning, logic has no place here in Choose and Defend! haha! But for you, I will submit to logic and let it be full.

Tara: So glad all that is over. Hope you enjoyed your bonus day you have Monday off too? Three for Half Full.

Secret: How about your life in general? I'll bet half full! Four for Half Full.

NoRegrets: That's right...keep it coming! Five for Half Full.

Silly: Glad to hear of it, life-wise :) Six for Half Full

Everyone: It give me great pleasure to see such a bunch of wacky optimists! Maybe not so wacky :) None Half Empty, Six Half Full, and One who insists on Full as the only logical option. Deeelightful! Anyone else want to talk about their glass?