Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Waiting For the Question To Be Asked

Harumph! Here I am, with my nose to the grindstone once again. All I have to relieve the daily workiness is Choose and Defend Wednesday :) Yay!

Are you feeling scientific today? If not....get in the mood post-haste! I want to know how you would choose to view things from a different perspective. Would you rather study things through...

A Microscope


A Telescope
So, give us your view and tell us a little about it. You will brighten my day ever so much! Choose and Defend...because it is Wednesday and because science and beauty are calling to you.


Secret Agent Woman said...

As much as I love the night sky, especially the moon, it doesn't pull my interest scientifically as much as biology does. A career I think I'd have loved would be a virologist. So, microscope, please!

Tara said...

Microscope! A family member (probably a brother) gave me a microscope set when I was younger and it was really cool to see insect legs up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

I do love the telescope and have since I was a wee one. The first time I saw detail on the face of the Moon I was gone. Saturn's rings, Jupiter's moons, the Orion Nebula -- all that good stuff.

One for telescope.

Anonymous said...

Biology is my favorite of the sciences so microscope.

dmarks said...

Microscope. How else can i see this and this?

And I do need to check up to see how these guys are doing.

laura b. said...

Secret: Oh, how interesting! Virology does seem a puzzle. One for Microscope.

Tara: Aw, that's neat :) Little kids stuff sticks with us! Two for Microscope.

James: Seeing those distant bodies in detail is awe inspiring. Yes...One for telescope.

Silver: I love learning these things about you guys! Three for Microscope.

Dmarks: hee hee! Well how can I argue against those views? Four for microscope.

Everyone: I feel like this question let me learn some cool things about you guys and your interests. I truly appreciate that! So far, we are 4-1, with Microscopes in the lead.
I'd enjoy hearing from anyone else who'd like to add to the discussion!

FW said...

I'm going to say telescope, I enjoy both but astronomy and physics are really interesting at the moment. It would have to be a special type of telescope, ones I've used at home have never been very good.

laura b. said...

FW: Yes, we'd get you a very sophisticated telescope for your studies! Two for Telescope.

The score is now 4-2!