Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For They Passed a Noble Law

Wednesday. Choose and Defend Wednesday. Today's choice was inspired by my drive to work today. I was noticing all the different trees and shrubs and such. This got me to thinking...what if there were only one sort of tree in the world? I know...I doesn't work like that due to climates and soils and reasonableness.  But, you know...what if?  If you had to look at just one sort of tree forever, which one of these would you Choose? And why? (Defend)


Palm Trees
I am not the Lorax...I do not speak for the trees. But still, trees are speak! Choose and Defend! Happy Wednesday to you. 


Jasen Buch said...

I like the mighty evergreen tree. They are, of course, the tree of choice for my favorite time of the year, Christmas. They are also, as the name implies, ever green. They are also just so darn interesting. I am saying EVERGREEN. Final Answer.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Ooh, this is a hard one. Because I would have picked big deciduous shade trees. So I'm going to cheat a little and say evergreens, but of the live oak variety (also called evergreen oak) - you know those Spanish Moss draped trees of the deep South? They are a broad-leaved evergreen. Does that count? Because I'm voting for that anyway.

Tara said...

Evergreens, because they look more full and pretty, and I know they smell fantastic.

Even though palm trees remind me of beaches and vacation, which is always a good thing, they don't look very glamorous. When someone puts Christmas lights on them, I just think of the Corona commercial where the couple is drinking beer on the beach.

Pamela said...

Evergreens was my initial response... but I don't think you can get any sustenance out of them, so a practice response is palm trees, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with palm trees. Palm trees are sort of the landmark that tells me I'm somewhere good. Unless it's Orlando.

FW said...

I'm going to plump for evergreens too because of the Christmas connotations and my lack of experience wth palm trees. Only one type of tree would get a bit monotonous though, so it's not relly a nice prospect to consider.

laura b. said...

Jasen: I rather admire people who love this season. I get overwhelmed. Very good defense! One for Evergreens.

Secret: Well, I deliberately wanted to stay away from trees that change seasonally. That is almost like getting to enjoy different trees! But, of course I accept your choice ;)
Two for Evergreens.

Tara: haha! At this time of year, I guess that is what palm trees evoke...Coronas :) Three for Evergreens.

NoRegrets: Oooh, I like that survivalist thinking! Or just, as you say, practical. Good defense. One for Palm Trees.

James: You sound ready to relax...but not ready to die. So no Orlando for you. Two for Palm Trees.

FW: It isn't a very happy thought, is it? The sheer variety I see inspired this question! Four for Evergreens.

Everyone: Looks like there is a bit of a preference thus far for the Evergreen over the Palm with a score of 4-2. How about you? Did you tell us your preference? If not, do!

Slow Eddy said...

My vote goes to without a doubt
The evergreens. I have lived, west coast, east coast and the most southern east corner of Georgia where the moss grows on the trees.
Hands down evergreens!