Saturday, December 1, 2012

This Stage, This Mic, This Crowd, This Show

It is a wet, drippy Saturday around here. But I am still willing to get out here in the wilds of the bloggerhood and post my Saturday Scavenger Shots! So brave. haha! 

This week's word was chosen by Tara from over yonder at Eclectic Spaghetti.  The word is...CRAFT.  Lucky for me, I do a weekly CRAFT for my storytimes and as needed for other programs. There is nothing kids love more than doing a CRAFT! I am always amazed at the time and effort most children will put into their CRAFT.

Here are my photos -

This is the Creative Center that is attached to our office in Children's Services. In here is just about anything you could possibly need to create a wonderful CRAFT. So many CRAFT supplies, so little time!
Most regularly, I have to create CRAFTs that very small children can do, as my weekly storytimes are especially for kids 19 months through 3 years.  So we mostly CRAFT with crayons, die-cut shapes, and glue sticks. But we still get quite creative.
For example, this week we had a Silly Storytime. For our CRAFT we put together two different animals to make one crazy new animal! We sure know how to CRAFT and have a good time up in here!
I hope you have enjoyed getting CRAFTy with me! I certainly enjoyed, as always, posting some Saturday Scavenger Shots. I wonder who Tara will tag to pick next week's word? We shall see!


Tara said...

I know that I would stand in the middle of your Craft Center and just stare in awe.

Also, I love the look of a container filled with crayons! It makes me want to just dive in and start coloring something.

Tag, you're it!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Very impressive craft center! That's so great that the kids get to do that. One year, when my boys were small, I gave them a huge bag at Christmas filled with different kinds of paper, glues, paints, and craft-y items like pipe cleaners. We got hours of use from that bag.

laura b. said...

Tara: I think you could make great use of our crafting supplies :)
And thanks for the tag! The word is....GENIUS.

Secret: We make a real effort to have a nice selection of craft materials. The kids do enjoy it so.
That is a great Xmas gift! Very creative :)