Saturday, August 11, 2012

They Failed As They Were Smite to the Ground

Saturday Scavenger Shots. I showed up...did you? If you are reading this then I guess you did at some point! Thank you :) 

I got to choose the word this week and since I came around to it in the second half of the week I wanted to go with something that I hoped everyone would either already have in their folders or could very easily find in the world. So...METAL.

There are countless things that I could have chosen to photograph for METAL.  I decided to focus on my current obsession...trying not to die from the heat. While I am happy to be on vacation from work, it is more of a challenge for me to stay cool. The library is notoriously cold, as I have often complained. But around this time of year I get to appreciate the coolness that I don't have to engineer or pay for.

Anyway, here are a couple of METAL things that we rely on here at the casa to quell the sweats.

Here is the inexpensive box fan we got for the living room. Most of its parts are plastic, as is all of the tower fan we have in our bedroom.  But this has a METAL frame. Sometimes you are okay with the air being moved around...even if it is still hot air.  Open the door, turn this METAL sucker up and you might be alright.  Maybe.

This is for when we get desperate and throw caution to the cooling winds. This is an old timey air conditioner that is mounted in the living room. I am not sure, but I believe this METAL monstrosity may be a good 40 years old. I've watched some of the other apartments get new units as theirs have broken down. This one just keeps on keeping on. Unattractive, yet it works pretty well. Some days I want to kiss the grotty METAL box and thank it for saving my life and saving everyone from having to witness me at my sweaty worst.

 There you go! Now I will continue trying to stay cool. Hope you are all having success with that on your end. Thanks for joining in on some METAL mania.  AlienCG, may I tag you for next week?


Jasen Buch said...

Metal to stay cool by. Excellent choices for your photos and, might I say, an excellent of person to tag for next week. I am going to choose the word...STAR.

Tara said...

Oo, that's a perfect, seasonal example of metal! I hope that the AC keeps on trucking for you for years to come!

Fans can bring so much relief when we don't want to turn on the air conditioning. I have mine on most of the time while I'm sleeping.

I'm actually on time this time for the game!

laura b. said...

Jasen: I only tag the coolest people! I honestly can't wait to see your pictures for next week. I'll bet you get some great ones :)

Tara: I am so dependent on my fans. I do hesitate to run the expensive.
Thanks for you is wonderful!!!