Thursday, August 9, 2012

From the Vacation Trenches

Enjoying my "me" time here. Just wanted to drop a quick note to point out the new Saturday Scavenger Shots word is METAL.  Since it is so late in the week, I wanted to put up something easy for anyone to capture!

Also, this made me laugh...I chopped about 5 inches or so off my hair yesterday. So far no one has noticed. Not my boyfriend, my mom, my daughter, or my youngest son. I guess it really doesn't look very different. There is just less of it. So now I will just wait and see :)

Me trying to take a picture of my somewhat shorter hair. Eeeeeeeee! Not as gross as poison oakiness, but still...haha!

Now...let the vacation resume! xx


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful hair!

Tara said...

I hope my hair grows fast so it gets to be your length! It's gettin there!

Sometimes it takes longer for men to notice new hairdos. They' that. :P

FW said...

Very nice. As a man I would say you did such a professional job and made it look so natural perhaps it crossed their minds but they didn't want to voice anything for fear of feeling silly.

Jasen Buch said...

Did you cut 5 inches off of your hair? It looks really nice.

Oh, and thanks for that great, big softball of a word. I just saw it this morning and wrote my post accordingly.

laura b. said...

Silver: That's very nice of you. Thank you!

Tara: Your hair always looks so cute. And that is a stereotype that I think is a stereotype for a good's true!

FW: It is nice to see if from a man's view. I think there is something to that :)

Jasen: I did...just chopped at it a bit. There is still plenty. Thanks for your kind words.
And thanks for doing a SSS post!!!

NoRegrets said...

Did anyone notice?