Monday, August 13, 2012

I Could Get Used to This

I tend to have trouble adjusting to time off at first. It is weird. I feel bored at first, like I made a mistake taking time off.  A few days in though and I never want to go back! I hit that point by Saturday...after today, only two days left and then I'm right back into the grind. Still I will enjoy it while I can.

Yesterday was the big birthday party for the two youngest grands. Their birthdays are both in August and they are only a year apart, so their parents have celebrated the two at once for the past few years with a park party.  It was hot this year (shocking in August, I know) but we found a shady spot and the kids had a great time.

DR is lighting the candles for Little Prince, who is turning 4, and Love Bug, who is turning 5. Big sis Miss Personality has her back to the camera :)

In other good news, my poison oak or ivy or whatever rash is nearly healed up. Such a relief. Here I'll show you...
I realize it is still not a terribly attractive sight, but it is really just a sort of pinkish patch more blisters or itching or pain. Yay for healing!
 Now, I guess I will go have a little swim. Staying cool is still the name of the game!!!


Tara said...

Aw, that sounds like a good tradition of having a birthday party in the park!

I'm glad that rash isn't bothering you anymore!

I know what you mean about having to get used to time off. It feels slightly weird for me, too, like I really shouldn't have taken time off (even though the manager signed off on it) or my vacation was just a dream and I should be working.

My manager signed off on some upcoming vacation days for me, but it's up to me to make sure there is coverage for the phones.

NoRegrets said...

Nice rash! :-) Glad you are enjoying.

FW said...

Hope the rest of your holiday went well. I empathise, I took time off last week and I have a couple of long weekends to finish off the summer with. All good but I kind of feel guilty for not making more of the time I spent away from work now that I'm back at work! I guess we can't win.

laura b. said...

Tara: It is fun, but August can be so hot!
It is so odd. I have plenty of vacation time, but when I have nothing special planned I keep feeling like I'm being wasteful...until I settle down :)
Glad you got some time off coming up. Is it hard to get the coverage?

NoRegrets: haha! Enjoying the vacation...the rash not so much.

FW: Isn't that awful? I really need to just enjoy this time I have coming to me...and you too! Time away from work should automatically just be seen as good :)