Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Going For the Gold, Natually

As promised, I have an Olympian Choose and Defend Wednesday for you.  I will admit that I am not much of a sports fan. Honestly, without DR's interest, it is possible that I wouldn't see a moment of this 30th Summer Olympics. But as we watch, I do find myself getting drawn in to the skills being demonstrated, the beauty of people who have worked hard to excel, the little human dramas on display. And certainly, the Olympics are always a chance to view sports that aren't necessarily televised or widely watched under other circumstances.

This leads me to this week's question. If you could become an Olympic athlete which of these two scenarios would you prefer?

Best Athlete in an Obscure Sport

Worst Team Member in a Popular Sport

As always, the photos are just illustrative. I have no idea who the best and worst of anything actually are. But think about the implications of each choice...then Choose and Defend!


Anonymous said...

I'm going best in an obscure sport for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm not a team sports guy. Just isn't my bag. Second, I once had dreams of being a world champion Frisbee star. Yeah, you read that correctly. Go obscure loner sports!

Tara said...

I'd like to be the best athlete in an obscure sport. I love the idea of being a ping pong champion, or something equally, if not more, obscure. Plus, I like the word "obscure".

3GKnight said...

Best of course. Who wouldn't like a gold medal? Even if it is for field hockey.

silly rabbit said...

I think I might like to be the best wooden top spinner! Would that qualify? Cause I was darned good at it as a kid.

I missed SSS... sorry. Work has been killing me! I didn't pick a person. Would you like to pick a word Laura b?

Jasen Buch said...

Hmmm, I think I would like to be the best at an obscure sport. At least then I am able to play that sport. The worst means that I would probably not make it in/back to the Olympics. Best in an Obscure Sport is my final answer.

FW said...

Same as for me, best in an obscure sport - something like Shove Ha'penny would do :)

laura b. said...

James: Hey I would never scoff at a Frisbee star! One for Best at Obscure.

Tara: haha! It is a good word! You could so shake up the ping pong world :) Two for Best at Obscure.

3GK: Oh, for medals are awesome! Three for Best at Obscure.

Silly: Go for it! Spin that top! And thanks for the pick :) Four for Best at Obscure.

Jasen: Yes, if you are the weak link on your team, you might not be invited back. Five for Best at Obscure.

FW: haha! Oh, I like that one. Alight...Six for Best at Obscure.

Everyone: We have a runaway call to be the Best Athlete in an Obscure Sport. No one wants to be say, the fifth member of the Women's Gymnastics team...or that one swimmer you haven't heard of on the Men's Swimming team. Once again, you all amaze with your well thought out defenses :) Anyone who hasn't yet spoken, speak!

NoRegrets said...

Best in obscure of course. I like to be best... If I had to be bad, I'd want to wear a clown suit to go along with it.