Thursday, August 16, 2012

There'll Be Trains of Trust

Due to circumstances beyond my control (such as it being the last day of my vacation!) I was unable to drag myself online to create my fabulous Choose and Defend Wednesday post. Today, here I am back on the why not a fabulous Choose and Defend Thursday post? Why not, indeed!

Summer is a traditional picnic time. Lately, it has been so hot that I'd definitely recommend something near water...or something quite late in the day. But a picnic is almost always a very nice idea. What is your favorite picnic type of fare and why? As always, you just get the two choices, but you may certainly include details about your ideal picnic in comments!

Would you like...

Bread / Cheese / Fruit


Fried Chicken / Macaroni Salad / Hand-cranked Ice cream

Are you hungry yet? I am. But that's not so unusual :)  Thanks for stopping in for a special Choose and Defend Wednesday, Thursday Edition. Now, get to it!


silly rabbit said...

Bread, cheese, fruit! Haha! Once C4C and I lived on San Francisco sourdough bread, cheese and apple cider for a couple of weeks. (But be careful... too much cider can have a dyer affect.)
I'm not a fried chicken fan. Nor do I care at all for macaroni salad. I must admit that the hand cranked ice cream was a serious temptation! I just ate Chinese food but I could go for ice cream.

laura b. said...

Silly: That doesn't sound too rough. Well, it kind of does :)And ice cream is ALWAYS good!
Thanks for stopping in. Not much love this week :-/

FW said...

Both choices seem good, I think if it's a picnic then I'll imagine I'm not driving and I can drink some nice wine. So, I think the bread, cheese and fruit would go better with my wine. Shame no chocolate but you can't have everything. I'd take crusty French bread too!

laura b. said...

FW: Everything is better with chocolate! Your picnic sounds awesome :)

Tara said...

Oh fried chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, ice cream and fried chicken. Did I mention fried chicken? That particular menu just screams of a good meal on a summer day.

laura b. said...

Tara: It does, doesn't it? Now we have a little contest going on!

Everyone: 2-1 with Bread/Cheese/Fruit in the slight lead.

What's in your picnic?