Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stop Talking to the Neighbor's Dog

It is Saturday, so I've come to pay my respects to Saturday Scavenger Shots. The very adorable Tara chose this week's word - COOK.  Good one, eh?  DR is the COOK in our house and he is very good at it! When my kids were growing up, I was the COOK, but I can't say I loved doing it. For the past few years, with just me and Girlie Girl and sometimes Handsome Lad I haven't done that much COOKing at all...we became a restaurant / fast food / prepared meals kind of family. However now, with DR around we get some good home COOKing...and I have to say it is pretty awesome.

Here is where the magic happens!  We don't have much counter space, so sometimes an appliance has to share with the stove top.  DR can still COOK up a storm here! Not pictured is the oven, just to the left. More COOKing glory is found there...

Here is the lunch I brought to work with me today.  Last night, DR COOKed us up some delicious dirty rice, with chicken, bell peppers and onion.  Mmmmmm.... So delicious. As I mentioned before, and will probably mention again, DR is a great COOK! You know those aprons that say "Kiss the COOK"? Yes, please!

What did you manage to COOK up today? I hope you entire weekend is COOKing with fun and relaxation, in the proportions of your choosing.  Tara, should I choose a word or shall we try passing it off to another of our participants?  I will leave the decision in your capable hands.  And now... I must go see what you people have to say :)


silly rabbit said...

Nice! I love a man who cooks. That dirty rice that DR COOKed is delicious looking.

This weekend is supposed to be nice all weekend long... so I'll be pulling all the winter weeds that mother nature COOKed up in my yard!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I also love a man that can cook.. very handy.. although I'm pretty good.. I love when BHM makes his roasts/steaks!

we cooked up a driving adventure to a new hobby shop..

Now I'm cooking up chicken mashed potato pie.. (store bought)

Tara said...

Oo, that lunch you took to work looks so good. It looks like it smells good too, if that makes sense! Rice, chicken, peppers and onion. Such an awesome combination.

I'm on the same wavelength with you, and chose Mrs. Hairy Woman! :)

SilverNeurotic said...

I love a man who cooks!

Secret Agent Woman said...

My ex was a good cook and we split that chore equally. But since my divorce, I seem to pick out non-cooking men - but ones who are deeply appreciative of my cooking!

NoRegrets said...

Mmm... gotta love a man who cooks well. Or cooks at all!

laura b. said...

Silly: It is a bit of work, but I sometimes miss having a little yard to dig in.

Mrs: Seems like you do a great job at dinners always sound delicious!

Tara: It did smell good!
haha! We are, after all, Blog Sisters :)

Silver: Me too!

Secret: It is always nice to do something well, especially when you can do it for someone who is appreciative!

NoRegrets: Can't tell you how much I appreciate it, honestly.