Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm Afraid You're Never Satisfied

I'm here! I'm here! Ready for a little ANIMAL action for today's Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word ANIMAL was chosen by the ever wild Mrs Hairy Woman @ The Northern Sky Chronicles...and we all thank you, Mrs! 

At this point in my life, I am not housing any animals, so I couldn't get off the easy shot. There are lots of animals in the world, but as usual, I put off this assignment until about 20 minutes ago. So you will get what you get and like it!  Or, um, not...

Walking through my livingroom I spotted this angry zebra.  An ANIMAL if ever I saw one! He lives here in peace with the other toys and the shoes and such. It couldn't be an easy life, but he lives it fiercely.

When I took Angry Zebra's photo, I saw Girlie Girl's monkey slipper perched there. Well, another ANIMAL, what do you know! There really are ANIMALs everwhere. Really.

Finally, I went through my phone to see what I had and I found these ANIMAL creatures. These are a couple of the geese that live at the park where Handsome Lad goes to practice cross country in the fall. I know I've mentioned these geese and ducks and my discomfort when they get too close to me. Yeah. I feel it a tiny bit when I see this photo.  

I hope you enjoyed or at least did not actively despise my ANIMAL photos. Maybe this next week I will plan ahead more. Maybe I will not. There is something fun about just doing it on the fly. All that is left to do now is check the blogs of others and leave delightful comments therein. Life is good.


silly rabbit said...

Life is good! And so are your "animal" photos! I almost decided to do stuffed animals too. Scary how often I seem to follow your ideas without knowing them. =:]

That zebra does look like he's got an attitude going on today.

Geese are scary animals! They hiss and bite. They don't give up chasing you easily either. I'd keep my distance too.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Huh. Zebras are not animals I think of getting angry much.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Zebras are kinda cool.. they all look the same though.. I tagged you for next week btw.. and I just finally got around to posting the SSS on my blog!

laura b. said...

Silly: You and I do seem to think alike quite a bit :) I like the animals you decided to go with!
And yes! Geese can be very aggressive. My cousins used to have a horrible one. To this day I like to keep them at a distance.

Secret: I know, right? Yet this one is clearly out of sorts.

Mrs: I bet this zebra has plenty of twins out there in the world somewhere :D
Your pics are great! And thanks for the tag!!!

Tara said...

I still have to post my photo(s), but I love yours! The animal slipper is my favorite. :)

laura b. said...

Tara: You found a great photo :) Thanks Ms. T!