Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday 5 - Stupid Animal Puns

Tired Friday here. I can't wait to catch up on my sleep a bit this weekend. Yes, that is the most exciting thing on my mind....sweet, sweet sleep.  In the meantime, how about a little Friday 5?  This is rather cute :)

1. What’s something you otter be doing right now? I otter be making a flyer. And I will be. Just give me a sec! Geez.

2. What’s something for which you are lion in wait? I am lion in wait for the chance to take a long, hot bath, crawl into bed, and stay there sound asleep for several hours. Oh yeah, I'm crazy!

3. When did you last have reason to feel sheepish? I feel sheepish when I try to justify certain ways in which I indulge my two youngest children. (Doing Girlie Girl's laundry, driving Handsome Lad around at his beck and call.) I feel like I have my reasons, but I know I look slackerish and talking about it makes me sheepish.

4. What’s something toucan do better than one?  Well...let's see...toucan fold a blanket, move a couch, and cuddle better than one. There are probably other things too!  :)

5. What’s something you have recently been forced to grin and bear? I am forced to grin and bear all the changes going on at work. I know you guys hear my guff, but I try to be a little more magnanimous in the trenches. 

Have a great weekend, all y'all!  If you can, stop by tomorrow for Saturday Scavenger Shots. By pure coincidence, the word is ANIMAL. Isn't there something so right about that?  There is.


silly rabbit said...

This is perfect! Ha ha!

1) I otter be making myself diner!
2) I am lion in wait for my youngest son, Squeaky to come down on Monday. Yay!
3)I last felt sheepish about being interviewed for a job that I felt I was unqualified for that a relative set up.
4)Oh my toucan do so much better on so many things! Make a bed pops to mind.
5)I have been forced to grin and bear that darned interview that I was unqualified for and was relieved not to pass. Being set up for a job is as bad as a blind date!

laura b. said...

Silly: Hey! Enjoy your upcoming visit with Squeaky! Very cool :)
And I totally agree that being set up for a bad fitting job interview would be just as awkward as a bad blind date. Yikes!

Secret Agent Woman said...

You had me at long hot bath and crawl into bed.

laura b. said...

Secret: I did get the best bath ever. Ahhh!