Saturday, March 10, 2012

Everything That's Cold and Grey is Gone

Hey, hey. Sorry this is so late to arrive. I tend not to be on the computer machine when I am home...but that courtesy is fairly wasted and singular :) So, here I am with my couple of sorry little Saturday Scavenger Shots!

This week's word was chosen my Mrs Hairy Woman @ The Northern Sky Chronicles  She gives us SPRING! And what could be more perfect? 

Here is my SPRING, which I am slowly realizing is actually beginning....

Here is one sure sign of SPRING.  Girlie Girl begins wearing her little shirts that cannot handle the rigors of the dryer and must be hung out on the line behind the building. I know hanging laundry to dry is all the rage again, but I don't like the way a lot of my things end up feeling stiff. But SPRING and summer to follow, does mean that some delicate little numbers will indeed make their way on to the line.

What is this? You may well ask. This is the body of DR. He does not SPRING out of bed to face the day. Not a morning person :) heh heh!

SPRING is a wonderful place to be and I am so glad to have nearly made it though the winter blahs. Hope you are all feeling SPRING-y and hopeful too!  Can't wait to see what comes next!


Ananda girl said...

Hahaha! I love the pic of the not springing DR! Laundry on the line... great example! I don't see much of that.
(Up in DP'sH we were not allowed to hang laundry. Is that not weird? We frightened the tourists with our undies I guess.)

I was tagged to pick this next week's word and chose "CRAZY". Of course then I thought how the heck am I going to show that? We'll see.

Tara said...

I usually try to air dry my sweaters, and most of them are okay after a few hours, but one sweater is usually very stiff. Must be the fabric. I gave up and now put them in the dryer, and they're fine.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I am so, so happy about it being Spring! But not a morning person myself.

laura b. said...

Ananda: He is much more of a night owl. I would be too, but for my schedule. *sigh*
Outlawing hanging laundry? Seems environmentally not too friendly, but I guess if it were everywhere it could be...unattractive.
GREAT word! Crazy :)

Tara: haha! I have 'accidentally' dried things that do not recommend it, and it usually is not disasterous.

Secret: I'm happy about Spring too! More heat, less chill.
DR loves sleeping in, so when I'm not working I just use that time for my own little chores and quiet time.