Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Break Into My Story

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday. For those of you who joined me for Whine and Complain Tuesday, thank you. It truly helps to get it out there. I am in a better mood today and I think it is partly because I feel my complaints were heard and thank you again.

Today I thought I'd ask you about an entertainment preference. For this question we will put money aside. Either imagine that both options cost the same or that money is no object. Whatever, just ignore the financial part. Also, imagine that release dates are somehow the same for either option. I just want to get to what you most enjoy! Just go ahead and Choose based on what you like most and Defend your choice by telling us why.  You know that game :)

Would you rather -

Go Out to a Movie

Stay In For a Movie

There you have it! All that is left is for you to Choose and Defend! Thank you. x


silverthoughts2 said...

I'll say, go to a movie. There's something about seeing the same movie with a bunch of people that is just fun.

silly rabbit said...

Right now I'd have to say "go to a movie" because the man and I rarely have an opportunity to do that sort of fun. because of his graveyard schedule. I'd really like to go out sometime again soon.

But you know, it could also depend on the movie. A good snuggle at home over a romantic movie is very nice too.

Tara said...

Well I do love watching movies at home, but I'm going to choose to go out to a movie. I still love the excitement of going out to see a movie on the big screen; preferrably a movie I've been dying to see. I also love the trailers and the smell of popcorn and Twizzlers.

dmarks said...

The popcorn is better when I go out. Sure, it costs $8 for a handful of it, but it does taste better. Count a vote for "go to a movie"

Secret Agent Woman said...

I actually am one of those rare people who prefers to stay in and see a movie. No distracting people around me (Noisy eating issues again). Plus you can pause when you need to. AND the cuddling is better.

Churlita said...

For something special? I'd say go to a movie. Of course, I'd want it to be a Summer blockbuster that was visually stimulating and things blew-up all over the place.

jamesostafford said...

I've spent an inordinate amount of my life in darkened theaters, escaping reality for two hours. Unfortunately, now there is a bit too much reality in darkened theaters -- conversations, flashing Bluetooth headsets, the bright displays of cellphones.

I have a silly television now that is connected to a silly sound system. The beast is borderline movie quality without the distractions.

Yes, yes. Stay in -- quiet, dark and pantless without risk of a lifetime ban (Century Theaters I'm looking at you).

laura b. said...

Silver: I know just what you mean! One for Go Out.

Silly: There are definitely pluses to both. Shall I go with your first pick? Two for Go Out.

Tara: I love all that too :) Three for Go Out.

Dmarks: The tears of the exploited customers salt it. haha! Four for Go Out.

Secret: Yes, there are noises and distractions that you can avoid at home...and the cuddling :) One for Stay In.

Churlita: One summer blockbuster coming up! Five for Go Out.

James: I must say, you had me by the time you got to pantless. I mean, yeah, by the lights of the cell phones people gonna notice that. Two for Go Out.

Everyone: We like movies! Right now Go Out For a Movie is leading Stay in For a Movie, 5-2.
Anyone else want to talk about it? You comments are welcomed and encouraged!

Anonymous said...

No difference in cost, I'd go out, because it's all big, and I love laughing or being surprised along with a theater full of people. (If I was made of money, I'd go big all the time. But then I'd come home and snag some screen shots.)

laura b. said...

Cindy: Hey, good to see you here! And I agree that there is something special about the group viewing experience :) Six for Go Out For a Movie.

6-2 and counting!