Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday 5 - String

Goodness gracious, I am so glad the weekend is nearly here. How about a nice easy post to ease us on into a nice easy weekend? Friday 5 never fails to deliver!  Check it -

1. What’s a film that always tugs at your heartstrings? Lots, for sure. I get very emotional watching movies! Most recently I watch Mother and Child and it did make me weepy. It ends on a fairly optimistic note, but there is so much emotional pain thoughout that I felt just gutted. Also, FYI, I cry pretty much every time I watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

2. How long would it take you to come up with a six-inch length of string if someone needed it right now? Since I'm at work, I could come up with it almost instantly. If I were at home, I might be cutting up old towels or something if we were desperate :)

3. What are your thoughts on string cheese?  My thought are that it is one of the best snacks ever! I love pulling it apart. I love its kind of rubbery texture. My thoughts on string cheese are all good and happy thoughts.

4. Among people you know, who’s the best guitar-player? My nephew is a very talented and hard working guitarist. He's completely devoted to it.

5. What memories do you have of Silly String? Not many memories to speak of. It has always seemed like one of those things that is more mess and trouble than it is worth. Bah humbug! ;-)

As always, I invite you to play along in comments or on your own blog.  I am interested in your views on the string in your life! I hope your weekend is all tied up with fun and laughter. Don't forget that tomorrow is our SPRING (not string) Saturday Scavenger Shots...hope to see you here, there, and everywhere.


silly rabbit said...

1) My Dog Skip. I cry every time.
2) They would be out of luck!
3) I love string cheese and like to pull it apart. Its a legal way to play with my food.
4)An old ex from a bazillion years ago named Perry. He could hear a song once and play it back to you perfectly.
5)I never cared for silly string. My mother did not like messes and it seemed like it would be dangerous to bring into my home. As an adult I understand why my mother hated messes like silly string.

Tara said...

1. What’s a film that always tugs at your heartstrings?

Oh, there are many, MANY movies that make me weepy. The one I was watching earlier, "In Her Shoes", is one of them.

2. How long would it take you to come up with a six-inch length of string if someone needed it right now?

Not long at all because I've been trying my hand at loom knitting, and I have some yarn sitting on my bed.

3. What are your thoughts on string cheese?

I LOVE string cheese! It's perfect for a snickety snack!

4. Among people you know, who’s the best guitar-player?

A friend of mine who was also a coworker until last Thursday when he had the nerve to get a new job. Gasp! He's a very nice guy and plays a mean guitar.

5. What memories do you have of Silly String?

I didn't play with it too much when I was younger, but I remember it smelling minty. I was also watching the movie "Big" this morning, and they were playing with silly string. It looks more fun when someone else plays with it.

Anonymous said...

I think that's why I had to stop watching Grey's...too emotional. Not exactly a bad thing...but I didn't need the extra help.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

1. Courageous was a big tearjerker for me.

2. I have string.. but probably not 6 inches..

3. Love it.. Graeme likes it too..

4.My BFF's Hubby is pretty good and she is too..

5. I never played with silly string.. I was deprived of that novelty as a kid..ha ha ha

Secret Agent Woman said...

1. I cry watching movies, television, commercials - you name it. I'm a sentimental fool.

2. Oh, sure. My younger son always has various sorts of twine and such around for his projects,

3. Who doesn't like mozzarella? Especially now that I can make my own string cheese!

4. My older son, of people actually hear play guitar on any sort of regular basis.

5.I like Silly String. My family (both my extended family and me and the kids) does silly string fights.

NoRegrets said...

I've never even heard of that movie!

laura b. said...

Silly: You know, I haven't seen My Dog Skip! I will watch it next time I want a little sob.
And my mom didn't care for messes either :)

Tara: Loom knitting, eh? What is that like? You are so crafty and creative!
I have seen In Her Shoes and Big...both good movies :)

Silver: It is, right?!?! I love THAT kind of crying!

Mrs: It is cool that your friend and her hubs are both musicians.
You didn't miss much with the silly string denial :-D

Secret: Movie crying feels great to me, usually. I'm all for it.
It actually does seem like everyone likes mozzarella. It is so mild.

NoRegrets: It's really good. Watch it if you ever come across it.