Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Promise I'll Do Anything You Ask This Time

On this Choose and Defend Wednesday I am feeling quite out of sorts at work. Actually, every day lately is another chance to be pearl clutchingly offended about some new harebrained scheme my weird boss has. Anyway, when I am in a snit there is one thing that almost always helps.  Okay, two things....but today we are just going to talk about the one that it is more socially acceptable to talk about in a public place...chocolate.  I enjoy talking about chocolate, because I love it. I am not much of a chocolate snob. Sure I can taste the difference, but you won't hear me hating on some Hersheys! One of my bigger fears is that someday I will develop a sensitivity to chocolate. My mom did, when she was maybe 60 or so. Doesn't that sound awful? Well, maybe not to some of you. As I understand it, some people have no particular interest in chocolate!  If you could see me right now, I'd be shaking my head in disbelief...and maybe a little envy ;)

Moving on to my original point, Choose and Defend Wednesday, and a choice that must be made!  Which is your favorite?

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Choose your favorite and then Defend it passionately!  If you aren't a particular fan of chocolate, the passion may be harder to work up. My suggestion is to think of it as a simple exercise in persuasion :)  It is a great skill to have, for reals.

Thanks for stopping in and enduring my grouchy self. Choose and Defend!!!


Tara said...

Oh, without a doubt, milk chocolate. I know the dark stuff is healthier, but the milk chocolate melts in my mouth much better and it has a more mellow taste.

I hope you feel better! It's almost Friday, so we have that to look forward to, right?

Anonymous said...

I kind of like both. Milk chocolate is nice when I'm craving something sweet. Dark chocolate is good when I was something a little more savory and want a burst of energy.

dmarks said...

Milk, for sure. Dark is like a raw ingredient that needs cooking.

NoRegrets said...

Dark... mmm... It's more complex.
I really need to stop eating chocolate... too much!

Secret Agent Woman said...

This one is complicated for me. I grew up with milk chocolate so that is my comfort chocolate. But when it's a box of truffles or something, I prefer dark. But I really don't like the super dark chocolate - too bitter. So ... I'm casting my vote for 60%. Dark, but not too dark.

Anonymous said...

I think that chocolate is like music -- tastes changes as we age. When I was young I wanted sugary sweet, but as I got older I wanted dark and complex. Now at middle age chocolate is more like sex: I'd be happy with whatever I could get.

Churlita said...

I like milk chocolate. I'm bitter enough without the dark. My oldest daughter doesn't like chocolate at all. How can she be my daughter? How can she be a woman? Weird, huh?

laura b. said...

Tara: Your argument is solid :)
Thank you, I am feeling better as the week goes on. Learning to let stuff go...
One for Milk Chocolate.

Silver: So, these two chocolates are equally dear to your heart? A woman with divided love...oooooh!

Dmarks: I see you are aquainted with baker's chocolate!
Two for Milk Chocolate.

NoRegrets: You seem like you a quite careful about what you eat. Chocolate is such a tease though.
One for Dark Chocolate.

Secret: Yes, surely milk chocolate is the little sister of dark chocolate.
I appreciate the distinction...dark, but not too dark. That is an affecionado!
Two for Dark Chocolate.

James: ha! I like that and you have made an excellent point for fence sitting on this one :-D

Churlita: haha! It does seem that women in particular have a fondness for chocolate. Your daughter is kind of lucky though :)
Three for Milk Chocolate.

Everyone: We have 3 for Milk Chocolate, 2 for Dark Chocolate, and 2 who could simply not find a good enough reason to have to Chose! I know there must be others with delicious, chocolaty please share them with the group. We'll wait.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I like Milk chocolate and Graeme likes dark.. I buy him 70% dark and he loves it.. plus it has antioxidents..

laura b. said...

Mrs: Ooh, a two-fer vote! I will count both you and Graeme :)

So now 4-3, with Milk Chocolate still ahead of Dark Chocolate (and 2 undecided)