Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tidbitch...I Mean Tidbits

- I'm tired. I'm not going to bed later or getting up earlier than usual. I am having weird, vivid dreams though, and I think they are disturbing my usual sleep patterns or something. I don't know. But I'm tired.

-Today is my dad's birthday. I called him before I came to work today. I admit to being somewhat relieved when he didn't answer and I could just leave a message. It is always challenging for me to have to speak on the phone to he and my step-mother simultaneously. They seem to have some sort of policy against alone time on the phone and it bugs me!

-My daughter got a really good report card! Yay! But I found out she is 2 units short of being able to get the "good driver" discount on our auto insurance. They bumped up my monthly payment. A lot. I'm so tired of struggling financially.

-My youngest son got a fairly horrible report card. It is frustrating, because he is an intelligent, but unmotivated young man. I've seen him to so much better when he cares to. I am going to have to go very, very hands-on this next semester and try to get him going. It is harder than it should be, since he's living with his dad.

-My current negativity is poisonous and I know that. Hopefully I can hoist myself up by the bootstraps and look at the bright side again soon. I guess that's up to me...and there is some comfort in something, anything, being up to me.


MrManuel said...

Sorry about the grades issues. That sucks. I am sure you are a wonderful mother so I am not sure how to motivate when you have already done so much.

Jess has some grandparents that she calls for birthdays and celebrates when she gets the answering machine.

silly rabbit said...

Yay! For your daughter's good report card. =:]
That is strange that they do not talk on the phone separately. I don't blame you for being a bit put off by it. I would rather have a good single conversation any day. And there are times when one wants a private conversation.

Yikes... with the son's report card. I have been there too. Very frustrating. I hope his dad is backing you up on this front.

We all have our blue moods. You are entitled. Struggles are real buzz kills. I hope things get happier soon. I'll send good thoughts your way.

NoRegrets said...

Can she contribute to the insurance?

Sorry you're blue. And you lost so much hair. And your arms are so short they can't reach your mouth. Oh, and that you have no mouth. Or feet. Orhands. But do have a fuzzy belly it seems.

silly rabbit said...

@NoRegrets- LOL!
@laura b.- Ha! I bet that gave you a giggle.

Tara said...

Does your dad and step-mom use the speaker phone? My brother does that so that both he and his wife can be part of the conversation, and I hate it too. Can't I speak one-on-one with him without an audience? Sheesh!

I'm sorry you're going through the family problems. What are the dreams like that you are experiencing?

Secret Agent Woman said...

My father's wife controls access to him pretty tightly, so I know what that's like. It bites.

I'm sorry about your son's grades - it's frustrating when you know they can do better. And it's ultimately up to him, which is hard.

I hope tomorrow looks a little better.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: I don't know how much it has to do with my parenting skills, but I am trying to do what I can :)
Me and Jessica need to form a support group!

Silly: My daughter has never made me worry...at least about grades. haha! My youngest son has always been rather indifferent to school. His dad tries to stay on top of things, but is very easily distracted.
Sometimes I don't mind the "two-fer" phone deal, but really it is easier to just leave a nice message.
Thank you for all the good thoughts!

NoRegrets: Realistically, I can only expect her to pay for her gas and incidental sorts of things. So I will suck it up :)
haha! I've been through some unfortunate changes. You can imagine my despair!

Tara: They get on separate lines. Since sometimes, for me, lacking in-person conversational clues can be hard enough the three way thing is ridiculous. No one knows what's going on :)
My dreams have been rather violent and I wake up frightened in the middle of the night. A lot of trying to get away from something and it is so dark I can't see. Ugh.

Secret: Yes, they have a very...interdependant(?) sort of relationship. Sometimes I appreciate the way my step-mother is sort of a voice of reason to my dad. Sometimes I just want to talk to him!
You're exactly right...it is ultimately up to him how much effort he will put in. I make myself available to help, remind him of deadlines, etc.
Thank you :)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Wow.. Well I hope that things brighten up for you quick.. That's good for your daughter.. and not so great for your son.. HOpe that it improves.. boys can be harder to motivate..

Love the cartoon.. very cute..

Churlita said...

You pay for your kids' car insurance? That's really nice of you. My girls have to pay their own car insurance and their internet plans on their phones. I'll pay for their phone coverage while they're in college, but once they either graduate or drop-out, they're on their own.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Yes, boys can be a special challenge. I have high hopes that this report card scared him a bit.
Thanks :)

Churlita: Yes, I pay for car insurance and phones while they are in school. My three oldest boys are self-sufficient, but my daughter is working and going to school. She can't afford her own insurance or phone, but I need her to have those things, so there you go. When she graduates or if she decides to simply work full time, she will be required to take over.

Do either of your girls drive? I thought they did not...