Monday, January 9, 2012

This Musical Message is for You Can Be Addicted to a Certain Kind of Sadness


Pamela said...

If Silly Rabbit can stop smoking, you can break that addiction!

I loved this song the first 5 times I heard it. But it's coming up on 100 times in the last week or two and so it's beaten to death. Alas. I also have one issue with the lyrics 'feels so rough' - kind of a lame lyric.

Anonymous said...

I know this song is hugely popular lately, but this was the first time I actually actively listened to it. I liked it.

silly rabbit said...

Thanks for the mention, Pamela... who speaks the truth! =;]

I don't know where I have been but I haven't heard this one before. Its interesting but not my taste.

laura b. said...

Pamela: haha! Oh, maybe...there is an irresistable pull though.
It has gotten a lot of play. I don't have many chances to listen to the radio, so it usually takes awhile for things to get old for me.
That lyric is odd...but I get the feeling that the guy "character" in that song is a bit lame :)

Silver: I love songs that have a little story. And there is something simple and appealing about this song, I think.

Silly: You go girl!
I am not surprised that you aren't into this song. You're one of the head-bangingest gals I know! :-D