Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Mind Thoughts

On my mind -

1. Sunday my mom called me to tell me she was retiring from work in May. Since she is going to be 73 on her birthday in couple of weeks, I am very happy that she finally feels ready to retire! Her Social Security isn't much, but she has a bit saved up and she has always been a very careful person. I'm a little worried about how she'll spend her time and if she will be too isolated. She doesn't care too much for socializing. She may end up living with my sister. Not ideal, but probably better than being alone all the time. Her memory isn't what is used to be and we do worry about her a bit. But anyway, for now she seems happy and excited about retiring, so I will be too.

Hi Mom!

2. Yesterday Little Prince had the tubes in his ears reinserted for the 3rd time. They also decided to remove his adenoids.  Everything went fine and today he is bouncing around like nothing ever happened. Kids are so resiliant and awesome :)

Hi Little Prince!

3. Only a couple more weeks until DR get home. I was telling him the other day that when we were apart before I couldn't really think that much in terms of missing him. I felt like I could drive myself crazy with that, since there was no real end in sight! This time though, I have that sort of luxury of allowing myself to feel the things you feel when you miss someone and want them there with you. It isn't a great feeling...but I feel lucky I can allow myself those feelings! When we speak on the phone I say - I miss you. I tried not to say that before. And I don't really think he likes hearing it, truthfully. It probably just makes him feel bad about not being here. But I do miss him. Hoping these next two weeks go quickly!

Hi DR!

4. Please everyone, be thinking good thoughts for our friend Tara and her mom who is in the hospital. All prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts would surely be welcomed.

5. Also, please come back here tomorrow to play Choose and Defend. You know you want to. Or at least you know I want you to!  Thanks.


NoRegrets said...

Hurray to mom! There should be something for her to do... hopefully she'll find it. Volunteering? Book club? sewing blankets for charity?

Glad you are missing someone. And I'll go see what's happening with Tara.

Tara said...

Aw thanks LB! My mom was up and around a few times today and she was finally able to try some apple juice and Jello. It tasted so good to her, but she needs to take it slowly. Thank you so much for the well wishes!

I'm glad DR is coming home soon!

Also, congrats to your mom on retiring! That's exciting! Being alone is really not bad, but yeah when it comes to your family and worrying about them, you want to have some people around for them. My mom has some really great neighbors who live right across the hall of her condo. They visited her in the hospital and they're watching Joshua for her, too.

secret agent woman said...

Oh, good wishes on their way to Tara and her mother.

And cool for your mother - 'bout time she got a chance to relax.

And why not say "I miss you" if you do. Heck, I say that after a couple of days apart!

Anonymous said...

I had tubes in my ears a few times when I was little...and my tonsils/adenoids removed. It helped tremendously!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Yes, I think maybe she could even do some volunteering here at the library! Also, planning to set up a little visiting schedule for the grandkids.
Thanks for looking in on Tara, too.

Tara: I'm really glad to hear your mom is feeling better. That is great news!
My mom doesn't mind being alone, per say, but she lives in a little back house and if she doesn't work and no one stops in, could literally not see another human being for days!

Secret: Thanks for all the good wishes. My mom certainly deserves to finally retire. I've wished for years I could do more to help her...she still helps me so much.
And you're right, nothing wrong with missing someone and saying it. I'm glad that part will be over soon. At least for now.

Silver: We've been struggling with hearing issues since Little Prince was born. He's coming along though, and hopefully this will help!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Super awesome for your Mom.. Hopefully she can get out there and try to find something she likes to do.. to help keep her busy..

Little Prince is ADORABLE!!!!

Happy Healthy thoughts for Tara's Mom..

Missing someone doesn't have to be a bad feeling... it's an emotion.. so go for it and miss him..ha ha

laura b. said...

Mrs: Thanks for all the nice comments! So cool.
And you're right...a strong emotion isn't always a bad one. 12 more days of missing :)