Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Take Off Your Dress, Yes, Yes, Yes....

...But you can leave your HAT on.  Hey! It is Saturday and therefore time for the displaying of the Scavenger Shots.  For anyone unfamiliar, this is a game that some of my blogging associates and I have been playing, on and off, for several years now.  Every week someone suggests a word, then that Saturday we post photos that reflect that word in some (sometimes very nebulous) way. The photo(s) can be old or new...they are generally something you've taken yourself, but occasionally someone will put up something they found online that spoke to them :) We're pretty lax about any actual rules or guidelines in the game. It is always just fun seeing people's interpretations of the themes.

This week, the word word word is HAT, chosen by me, me, me!  Here are some HAT-tastic photos for you to enjoy or, um, simply view.

Here are some cute guys in HATs. We all get along because we like 
carbohydrates quite a lot. And wearing HATs.

I call this Still Life with Apples, Cherry Tomatoes, and Wizard HAT. 
You need these things for a good day, yo.

Aye aye! It is I, Cap'n Dork! You don't see me in a HAT too often, 
as I have a giant noggin. But here you go. Enjoy.  haha!

If you enjoyed, even a tiny, tiny bit, this Saturday Scavenger Shots post, I'd love to persuade you to play along too! Just drop me a note in comments and I will come check you out and make all sorts of admiring noises :)  

For next week, I'd like to tag Silly Rabbit to choose a word, if she would please. Thanah queueah.


Tara said...

Captain's Log: Star date 1/21/12...."Beam me up, Scotty!"

When I saw your awesome captain's hat, I couldn't help thinking of Star Trek for some reason, so there ya have it! :)

Speaking of awesome hats, I LOVE the wizard hat!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Great hats all around.. I especially like your Captain's hat.. very ship worthy.. I decided to play this week..So when you can pop over and check it out Matey! Oy

secret agent woman said...

"Still Life with Apples, Cherry Tomatoes, and Wizard HAT." Destined to be a classic.

I wear hats when it's really cold and when I'm trying to avoid sunburn, but that's about it.

laura b. said...

Tara: Alright! Put me in charge of the Starship Enterprise! I would get all claustrophobic and beg Scotty to beam me down or McCoy to sedate me :)
I liked your hats too!

Mrs: I'm so glad you played :) Excellent hats on hand...I mean, on heads!

Secret: haha! Thank you!
Maybe that is what I need for my big head...a nice stretchy knit cap. Warmth is good.