Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Never Ever Let It Cool

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday! Today's choice is inspired by one of my assignments at work today.  In just a while, I will be judging a Marshmallow Madness Castle Building Contest. I know, my job is awesome :) So, anyway, I have marshmallows on the brain...which leads to hot chocolate on the brain...which leads to my question for today!  Which do you prefer on your hot chocolate?



Whipped Cream

What a yummy choice, right? So Choose, then make us feel your conviction and Defend your choice!

****And please note that if you are playing Saturday Scavenger Shots, the word for this week (January 21) is HAT.****

Thanks for playing Choose and Defend Wednesday. Makes my week :)


Pamela said...

Depends on whether I have to eat it around other people. If yes, then whipped cream. If no, then marshmallow. Mmmm...

AlienCG said...

Marshmallows. I don't like whipped cream. Final answer.

Tara said...

This is a tough decision, but I'm going with whipped cream. I like to scoop up a little whipped cream with some hot chocolate with a spoon when the hot chocolate is too hot. Yummy.

silly rabbit said...

Oh dear... both are so tasty! I'm going for the whipped cream. Because I don't have to wait for it to melt to slurp it off.

secret agent woman said...

Neither when I make it myself. But if I'm ordering it somewhere, whipped cream. Marshmallows are a cow byproduct (hooves and bone marrow), so I don't eat them.

Anonymous said...

Whipped cream, though I don't drink a lot of hot chocolate generally.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: haha! I like your double barreled answer here :) Okay, let's say this seems pretty One for Whipped Cream.

AlienCG: And here is the man who knows what he wants! One for Marshmallows.

Tara: Nice, the coolness and the hotness together :) Two for Whipped Cream.

Silly: We want our treat now!!! Three for Whipped Cream.

Secret: We will definitely have someone make if for you, all beautifully prepared :) Four for Whipped Cream.

Silver: Not a huge fan, eh? How can this be? haha! Five for Whipped Cream.

Everyone: In a shocking swirl, Whipped Cream has trounced Marshmallows by a margin of 5-1! It is not to late to make YOUR preference known. Choose and Defend!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Definitely Whipped Cream.. but the real stuff that you have to whip up.. so good with everything.. including hot chocolate.. ha ha ha

laura b. said...

Mrs: Handmade, how fancy! And yummy :) Six for Whipped Cream.