Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Things Worth the Tellin'

I am all thrown off, but today is, in fact, Wednesday.  Therefore it is time to Choose and Defend.  I can't believe it is June already.  The official date is a couple weeks away, but it certainly seems like summer is here to me.  So how about a nice summer-y Choose and Defend?  What is your favorite summertime activity?



Of course these activities are not limited to summer.  And of course they are not the only two activities you may enjoy.  However, this is Choose and Defend...and these are your choices!   Share your choice, present a defense, and I will let you go in peace.   As always, feel free to tell me more about things you enjoy doing when it gets warm.  Any and all comments are encouraged :-)   


Ananda girl said...

It has to be hiking! I like swimming but I'm not wild about swim suits. Yikes!

NoRegrets said...

Summer, swimming. But in a lake please. Hiking is an all year thing.

Muhammad Israr said...

awesome pic of that lake ...i wish i were here :)

Tara said...

Swimming, please! Everytime I see a pool or a lake, I feel compelled to take a dip. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach for a community project and I know I'll feel like wading in the water.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Hey I hear ya :-) One for Hiking.

NoRegrets: may take your swim in a lake, a river, an ocean...anywhere you like! One for Swimming.

MI: Isn't that beautiful? Wish I were there too. Thanks for stopping in :-)

Tara: It is hard to be near a body of water without wanting to at least get in it a little bit! Two for Swimming.

dmarks said...

Ananda said it all. It has to be hiking.

You SEE a lot more when you hike. Adventure! Think of the movies.

What do you have with hiking? "The Lord of the Rings".

What do you have with swimming? Getting out of sinking ocean liners with varying degrees of success (Titanic and Poseidon). A lot less fun.

laura b. said...

Dmarks: Possibly one of my favorite defenses ever :-D Two for Hiking.

secret agent woman said...

Too late to play, really, but I will anyway. Hiking. The scenery, the exercise, the ability to stop for a picnic. (However, if this had been beach vs, mountains, I'd have chosen beach.)

laura b. said...

Secret: Good thing about this game is it is never really too late! I think I may have done a beach vs mountains post at one time. I've done so many I always have to double check :-)
Three for Hiking.

Which now makes it 3-2, with Hiking just ahead of Swimming!