Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Graduation Day to My Baby

I can't believe that my youngest child is entering high school.  Although his last day of school this year isn't until Thursday, today is Graduation Day for the kids at Sandburg Middle School. 

I think Handsome Lad will enjoy high school.  There are so many choices and so many different activities.  I think he is the kind of kid who will need to try out lots and lots of things in order find HIS things. 

After the Graduation Ceremony, we are coming back to my house for some snacks and celebrating.  We're saving the bigger shindig for Wednesday, when Girlie Girl has her Graduation. 

Really glad I was able to take this time off, as I am feeling much less stressed than when we had this same situation four years ago!  For the most part, my vacation has been quiet so far.  I was having some issues that felt horrible...but they turned out to be more about me and the way my mind works than anything else.  I am feeling less horrid at this point. 

Here is a picture of the Graduating Kids taken 14 years ago.  Believe me, time flies...

Apologies for the is actually a picture of a picture...but you get the idea :-)  Happy Monday!


secret agent woman said...

It sure does go by quickly, doesn't it?

Ananda girl said...

Yay for The Handsome Lad! Congratulations to him. It got easier for me to see mine graduate down the line... until my baby did.
Enjoy the moment.

Tara said...

Congratulations to your soon-to-be HS freshman!

It's been awhile since I graduated from any school, but I feel the excitement in the air; both about starting a new chapter in their lives and also the thrill of the end of school for the Summer!

AlienCG said...

Time does fly. It feels like I graduated high school just a couple years ago, but my 20 year reunion is next year (I'm not going).

Congrats to HL on his entering high school. May his experience be richer and more rewarding than mine.

laura b. said...

Secret: It is quite stunning.

Ananda: Yeah, by the time number 5 has reached another milestone it is kind of shocking that you'll never witness that milestone in quite the same way, ever again.

Tara: Thank you. And you get to enjoy that excitement..and actually facilitate it, a couple of times a year, right?

AlienCG: I went to my 30 year reunion last fall and it was quite fun. It sure didn't feel like 30 years though.
Thanks for your good wishes. I hope Handsome Lad really does enjoy his time in High School.

Churlita said...

Congrats to the baby. It is amazing how fast it goes. it sounds liek you're doing a great job raising your kids to be independent.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Thank you. I have tried my best to raise them right. It is fun and a bit scary to see the results :-)

NoRegrets said...

Wow! So many graduations! Life changes! No wonder you needed a vacation!