Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday 5 - What Goes In

Hey, hey!  How about some Friday 5?  I have some free time, so lets burn a bit!

1. What goes into your coffee or tea?  Usually nothing.  Black coffee and straight tea are good to me.  Sometimes, with a bit of milk and sugar though, I find them more comforting or something.

2. What goes into a good omelet? At the least cheese is wonderful.  For some omelet magic I wouldn't mind cheese, bacon, onions, and peppers.  My mouth is watering a little bit, I have to admit.  Must be lunchtime.

3. What goes into your ears on a good morning?  A good morning means NOT waking up to my cell phone alarm.  On a good morning what goes into my ears is maybe just the sound of birds or children at play.  Something lovely and life affirming will do :-)

4.What goes into a healthy but yummy lunch?  Hmmm...healthy but yummy.  Could peanut butter and jelly be considered healthy?  It is really one of my favorite lunches.  I love it with a glass of chocolate (fat free) milk!

5. What goes into a productive evening?  Making (or acquiring), eating, and cleaning up after dinner.  Making sure homework is getting done.  Maybe getting some face time with the kids if they are around. Some quality time watching some of my favorite shows. Getting all comfy for bed and then reading myself to sleep.  Can't ask for much more than least until DR gets back.

I hope you've all had a great week and are looking forward to a great weekend.  It has been wonderful having this week off.  I think I needed the time more than I could have guessed.  A couple more days, then it's back in the saddle...but I won't get ahead of myself here!  Going to enjoy me remaining time off for sure :-)  Hope you'll stop by tomorrow and see what I can find to bring you some GAME in the Saturday Scavenger Shots!


scrivener said...

The fat-free chocolate milk definitely makes that a healthy lunch!

I'm a high-school teacher so I'm usually up long before the sound of birds outside my window. On those rare occasions (summers excluded) when I've woken happily to that sound, completely rested and refreshed, that wonderful feeling has lasted me only long enough to realize that I've overslept! :)

Thanks for participating in this week's Friday 5!

secret agent woman said...

1. For coffee, skim milk and sugar. For tea, sometimes a little sugar or honey, sometimes nothing.
2. Made one this morning with bell peppers (red and orange), sweet onion, tomatoes and cheese.
3. I'm with you - bird song is nice. And the occasional "Good morning, honey."
4. Sushi! At work, maybe salad and nuts and fruit.
5.Too varied to say. Depends on whether the kids are with me or not.

Tara said...

PB & J considered healthy? Well peanuts provide great protein and energy and there's at least some fruit in jelly, so yes I think so!

Oh and yeah a perfect morning would be waking up on my own without the help of a nagging alarm clock.

Ananda girl said...

I am late to the party but here goes!

1. I like cream, creamer,half n half, cool whip or ice cream in my coffee.
2. I like to put left overs in my omelet... just about anything goes!
3.I like to wake up to the sound of the world music and Randy's soft snoring.
4.I like soup for lunch! Any multi-veggie variety.
5. I'm not all that productive in the evening. If the guys are working in the shop, I like to watch them while I carve wood. But any evening with a snuggle at the end is great!

laura b. said...

Scrivner: Great to see you here! haha! There isn't much worse than that feeling you get when you suddenly realize you've overslept. I'm familiar with that :-)

Secret: That omelet sounds good. Hearing "good morning, honey" sometime soon sounds good too!
Yeah, my evenings are definitely different when the kids aren't around.

Tara: Thank you! Between you and Scrivner, I am feeling pretty good about my favorite lunch :-)
Isn't waking up at your leisure the best feeling? Well, one of them...

Ananda: You're right on time!
I like your coffee list...I confess that occasionally I put marshmallows in my coffee at 7-Eleven :-) Also, another favorite lunch is tomato soup!
I'm so glad you found your snuggling partner :-D