Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rich Gentlemen Have It, Boys...

I thought we'd do something quick and dirty for our Choose and Defend Wednesday this let's just get right to it, shall we?  We're hungry and we're just looking for the basics, nothing fancy.  So, what should we get?



As always, make a choice - Choose.  Next, make a passionate, yet cohesive argument in support of your choice - Defend.  Simple!  If you follow a particular diet, feel free to think of something along these lines that you could enjoy with us :-)  Everyone can play Choose and Defend!  Yay!


3GirlKnight said...

I vote for pizza because you can have so much more variety in the toppings.

Although I suppose you could put whatever you have on top of your pizza on top of your burger too...but would it still be a burger?

Churlita said...

I'll say pizza too. Burger are ground beef and that's it. You can have a veggie or shrimp or can bacon and pineapple pizza and they all taste so different.

Pamela said...

Pizza because it can be meatless. and there's those wonderful carbs underneath, and mmmmmm cheese.

Tara said...

BURGERS! No offense, pizza, I love you too.

When I'm craving meat, it's usually a cheeseburger.....and bacon is usually involved as well.

laura b. said...

3GK: Good argument in favor of pizza. And also, an interesting point of what point does a burger become NOT a burger? Hm. One for Pizza.

Churlita: The variety of pizza concoctions is a good point. Two for Pizza.

NoRegrets: Yes, it is probably an easier vegetarian option. I have had many different veggie burgers and my reviews on them would be quite a mixed bag. Three for Pizza.

Tara: haha! I'm the same! When I want meat a burger is a great option and more meat (bacon) makes it better. One for Burger.

Everyone: So far, it is 3-1 for Pizza. I hope more people will stop in and participate. This seems to me to be a burning question for our times!

secret agent woman said...

Even if you substitute a veggie burger, which I like well enough, I still vastly prefer pizza.

FW said...

I enjoy both types of food but I have to confess to generally being more satisfied by eating a good old burger.

laura b. said...

Secret: Yeah, I bet you could make a mean vegetarian pizza! Four for Pizza.

FW: I like that...the satisfaction factor :-) Two for Burger.

Everyone: Pizza is still in the lead 4-2! Anyone else with a preference? Don't be shy.