Monday, January 10, 2011

Basketball and Surprise...Me Whining!

Here is Handsome Lad holding up his new basketball jersey.

Yesterday, Sunday, Handsome Lad had his first game in the new basketball league he joined.  They don't seem terribly organized just yet, but so far he is enjoying it and they won their first game with a score of 40-31.  You go, Hornets!  I have to apologize to Handsome Lad...although I would never actually say this to his face...he seems to have gotten his athletic abilities straight from me.  That is, he seems to lack some of the natural grace of the other children.  However, he is enthusiastic and I think that can go a long way in learning a new skill.  He is currently very devoted to the Lakers and to shooting endless baskets and dribbling lefty to strengthen that neglected there you go. 

In other news, I was surprised last week to learn that our supervisor, who has been here only about 18 months, is leaving us for a library closer to her home.  I know she had a long commute, so I can certainly understand.  Still, I am a bit disheartened.  We are going to once again be short handed in the department while they meander their way through the hiring process.  We will once again have to get used to a new supervisor.  This will be my fourth supervisor during my time here.  I guess that isn't entirely unreasonable in 9 years, but sometimes it feels unreasonable. 

In selfish me news, I am feeling a little disgruntled.  It can be so hard to keep in touch with DR sometimes.  His cell phone reception is very poor, so there are times when I will text and not hear back and it is just because he never got the text.  Or, if we want to talk, he has to go sit out in his garage.  I mean, he does have a house phone and we use that at times, but then he is always uncomfortable with his mom sitting right there.  Unlike me, he is not used to having nearly everyone of his moments monitored by someone else.  We can't IM, because he has dial up and it is nearly impossible.  We rarely email, although when we were first getting to know each other years ago we emailed a lot.  I don't know.  I'm trying to be patient.

Alright!  I'm sure the week ahead will be filled with happy dancing tiny furry bunnies and rainbows and the sweet scent of orange blossoms.  Thinking positive!


MrManuel said...

You made fun of your son's athletic skills. That's hilarious.

I am sorry things are so difficult with DR. I can't imagine how tough that is and it is so unfair that it happened just as your relationship was really taking off and starting to blossom. No advice to give you, just, "That sucks." I hope it all turns out ok in the end.

Tara said...

Oh I hear you about the new supervisors and hiring processes. Our company loses and gains people all of the time, and for awhile there, it seemed we were always short of a department manager. It takes awhile to get used to a new supervisor or manager, so when the person you're adjusting to leaves, it can be frustrating. My friend cried when her manager left, because she liked her so much. I was sad to see another department manager leave, because she was so fair to everyone and so nice.

My mom was into sports when she was younger. I did not inherit that particular gene. My poor mom.

Ananda girl said...

Yeah for Handsome Lad and the Hornets!

Another supervisor??? I recall you waiting to get the last one. Sheesh!

That must be so frustrating with DR!
You hang in there.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: ha! I know, I'm a terrible mom. Just keeping it real!
And thanks, I hope so too.

Tara: I really like the supervisor who is leaving. But honestly, even though I fully understand why she is leaving, I'm more pissed than sad. It is like, her last day is next Thursday and I can't wait. haha! I am just over it.

I am surprised that most of my kids are really quite...if not athletic, than at least very coordinated. They surely didn't get it from me.

Ananda: Yay! And I know, right? I was just doing this waiting thing for a new supervisor! Gah!
I am trying to hang in there. I think it is worth it, but sometimes my frustration levels creep dangerously low...or high. Whichever.

Churlita said...

Sorry about the DR situation. That would drive me crazy. Can you tell him you want to email more? Is he giving you an end date to all of this? I think having that would help you get it through it better. It's nice to have something to shoot for.

3GirlKnight said...

You could be right about the orange blossoms. Isn't oranges season just around the corner?

Got no advice about the communication crud. Hopefully you guys can work it out. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I love your positive ending: bunnies, rainbows and flowers...can't get better than that ...oh, add a slab of chocolate and your set.

Pamela said...

Furry rainbows? Huh.
Glad you can vent your grumpiness here.
Is DR pulling back because there is no end in sight?

laura b. said...

Churlita: Well, we do have an end date in sight. As planned originally, he said it would be a year and he's sticking to it. So, by the end of May, this should be over. I am holding on to that.

3GK: Yes, I believe so...oranges, strawberries...they're coming!
And thanks, I am hanging :-)

MJ: I'm glad you like it...and you are SO right. Got to have that slab of chocolate to complete the happy picture!

NoRegrets: Furry rainbows :-) Yes, I do appreciate having a place to vent and I appreciate the feedback to my venting.
I think DR is less driven to communicate every little thing in general, and possibly has more faith than me that this situation will actually be over within the next four or five months.

secret agent woman said...

Wine. That's the answer.

The situation with the supervisor is frustrating but probably the one with DR more so. Hard to have so little contact with someone you love.

laura b. said...

Secret: A little cheese to go with that whine/wine and I'm all set :-)

And you are right. I can handle work issue much more easily than personal ones.