Monday, January 24, 2011

My Muddled Monday Most...I Mean Post!

Here I am, at the start of our supervisorless time at work.  My old boss, who moved up, stopped by this morning to just remind us that she will be handling paper worky stuff and all important decisions.  Unfortunately, she felt the need to say a couple of sort of insulting things about my boss that just left and that made me uncomfortable.  I predict that they are going to be a lot more careful to make sure that they next person they hire to run this department is a virtual clone of my old boss, so there won't be any conflict...and there won't ever, ever, ever be any changes.  This is a very timid organization. 

On the fun side here, we had a big program on Saturday featuring a sled dog team, the musher, all this cool equipment.  It was packed full and everyone seemed to love it.  It went really well and there was a nice write up in the local paper about it.  Apparently not everyone loves the Iditarod though.  Today a letter came in the mail asking us to stop "sponsoring" the Iditarod, as it is animal cruelty disguised as a sport.  Is this true?  I don't know enough about it, although the animals I saw were obviously well cared for and friendly, unharmed. 

Adventure Quest!
 So anyway, life will go on here.  At least everything at home is going fairly smoothly right now.  Handsome Lad had a basketball game yesterday.  It was fun because they played the other team from our city that is in the league...and they won!  All of their games are on Sundays, which is kind of odd, and probably not good for some people.  I like it.  Since I work every other Saturday, I had thought I'd miss half the games, but I needn't miss any of them.  I also think it is nice that Handsome Lad is finally playing a more team oriented sport.  He has been interested in skateboarding, running, and cycling.  All excellent sports, but more individual.  And I can very much understand his interest.  I actually really like the idea of individual sports, where you are really competing against yourself.  But it is nice for him to get the experience of playing with a team I think.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to face the week ahead with fire and passion!  Or at least firm resolve.  Or maybe even righteous resignation?  Whatever it takes :-)


Ananda girl said...

Woot for HandsomeLad and his team!

We had a dog team come to the school I worked at last year. They too seemed very well cared for and very fond of their handler. I think that someone finding it a threat to the animals is interesting. I guess I had not thought much about it.

I suppose it would depend on the musher and how much they care for their dogs. I can't imagine the man I met with his team pushing them to the point of cruelty. Food for thought though.

Ick on the search for new boss thing. I hope all works out well.

MrManuel said...

The Iditarod.....well, it depends on what you consider animal cruelty. On one hand, I think that most of the animals are well cared for and given the best treatment. However, they are in an activity where some DO die. They are run HARD and put in situations where death is a possibility. Is that cruelty? Well, that depends on your definition.

NoRegrets said...

Be careful, someday some protesters may come and whip you into shape!

Tara said...

Congratulations to Handsome Lad and his team! I get too competitive in team sports, so I'm not usually into those. I do appreciate it though when others like it so much!

I'm glad the library event was another success!

laura b. said...

Ananda: It is so nice to see you around the blogs :-)
I hadn't thought much about it either, but I guess it could be a point. Luckily, we cancelled the cock fighting demonstration. (I'm kidding!!!)
I am going to be very interested to see what kind of person they hire this time...and may as well enjoy the relative peace until they do.

MrManuel: I can see that there is a legitimate school of thought where animals should not be used for sport (such as horse racing), even though we think of certain animals as being happy doing what they are bred to do. That might be just an excuse...definitely something to think about.

NoRegrets: Yes, like the one man protest we had a couple of years ago when we showed The Da Vinci Code!

Tara: I don't think of myself as competitive, but I notice I am pretty bummed when my kids' teams don't win :-)
Thanks, those events are the fun part of work, even though they can be stressful.

3GirlKnight said...

Meeting animals at school was always a highlight for me. Fun times!

Hope the bossy situation goes ok for you.

secret agent woman said...

Oh glad your son is enjoying basketball.

I never gave much thought to sports where animals are in races until I married a vet. He spoke with some passion about what goes on in horse racing and I started thinking about it a little differently. And then we adopted a rescued greyhound who'd been a racer. Does he love to run? Absolutely! Is it an ethical sport? I really don't think so.

FW said...

Animals and sport, er yeah!? That's a grey area for me...I don't seem to be able to summon a sensible opinion right now.
Well done to HL! Good to be part of a team. I've watched my son and even in team sports he gravitates to isolated roles like goalkeeper.
I hope things settle into a good pattern at work for you.

laura b. said...

3GK: Seems like people do love to meet animals :-) Thanks for the good wishes!

Secret: Yes, that is it...I hadn't thought about it, but I definitely am now. When I first saw the letter, I was mostly surprised, but as I've thought about it more...I can see where the writer was coming from.

FW: It is a bit of a grey area, isn't it.
I always think it is so interesting how kids' activities reflect so much about their little personalities.
And thank you for your good work thoughts!

Churlita said...

Is Michael Vick coming next week? Just kidding. I'm surprised that people were upset about that too. Hmmm.

laura b. said...

Churlita: haha! Yeah, just one guy felt moved to write. The people at the program thought it was wonderful. Different strokes.