Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 5 - Super

 It's Friday and I'm relaxing at home today.  This is the last day of the semester, so both kids get out early.  Big plans for a nice lunch together and who knows what else?  How about a little Friday 5 to pass some time?  As always, it is SUPER!

1. There are superheroes named Superman, Superfly, and Supergirl. Based on your performance this past week in whatever you do, what would have been your Super_____ name?  This week, you could just call me Super Meh.  I just wasn't feeling much of anything and I'm pretty sure it showed.

2. This week, what has been superterrific and what has been superlame?  Virtually everything has felt superlame to me lately.  I guess the most superterrific thing about this week were a couple of evenings when Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad had me in tears of laughter.  Also, there was a nice, quiet dinner out with Kick Back Dude...that was superterrific.
3. Which of Superman’s abilities would have been the most useful this week?  Can't he fly really fast and reverse the rotation of the Earth and turn back time?  Does it work the other way?  I really just kind of wanted to get through this week...have it over and done.  So I would have appreciated the ability to do that, I guess. 

4. What do you most expect will be super this weekend?  I suppose Handsome Lad's basketball game on Sunday should be pretty super.  Work tomorrow (Saturday) is not a super thought, but hopefully there will be no super disasters :-)

5. What are your thoughts this week about the coming Super Bowl? I don't really have any special Super Bowl thoughts.  I'm not a big football fan, so for me it is just another Sunday.  Maybe I will eat some chips in it's honor or something....

Have yourselves a Super Weekend and please feel free to play Super Friday 5 in comments or on your blog.  Now, for some reason I am craving soup....see you later!


Churlita said...

This week has been super sucky for me but I'm super happy that it's almost over.

3GirlKnight said...

Sooper Dooper Pooper Scooper!

Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw 'Super'.

Glad you had some superness mixed in with your Super Meh week. Next week will be better.

secret agent woman said...

I'd have to go with SuperTired!

Tara said...

Hey, eating chips to honor the football game is a great idea! I'll drink beer and swear in honor of the Super Bowl. Just wanna represent.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I hear you. Next week will be better!!!

3GK: haha! I like the way your mind works. And yes, yes, week will be better :-)

Secret: I just read your post, so yeah, I can see that. Hope you get some rest this weekend.

Tara: There you go! Chips, beer, some boisterousness...we all in :-)