Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've Got to Pin You Down, Under Lock and Key

Feeling very random today, so you are getting a very random Choose and Defend Wednesday.  It happens.  A lot.   So, guess what!  You get to start a collection!  Maybe you already have a collection or multiple collections.  I think we've talked about that a hoarders vs. purgers, right?  But today, we are all collecting.  And since it is Choose and Defend, you must Choose between a couple of different things that you may or may not ever want to actually collect.  Just play along anyway, wouldja?  Will you collect....


Snow Globes

Yeah, random :-)  But what will it be?  Choose, and don't forget to Defend your choice!  Thanks.


Tara said...

Snow globes! They're so pretty. I think I still have an old one that also plays music.

Bobbleheads kind a creep me out, although I kind of like the Bill Lumberg bobblehead.

Churlita said...

Snow globes! I'm with Tara about the creepy bobble heads.

Pamela said...

Bobble heads! I like creepy, and they take less effort to make them move - no lifting required. And they won't ooze stuff out if you break them.

secret agent woman said...

Bobbleheads are definitely creepy! So I'll go with snowglobes which are at least pretty and a little magical.

laura b. said...

Tara: I have bobbleheads, but no snow globes. I should have at least one! One for Snow Globes.

Churlita: haha! I had never thought of them like that :-) Two for Snow Globes.

NoRegrets: That could be the bobblehead slogan - Stuff doesn't ooze out of them if they break! Catchy! One for Bobbleheads.

Secret: Magical is good, I like that. Three for Snow Globes.

Everyone: Well, we have it 3-1 for Snow Globes at this point. I bet there is a Bobblehead loving contingency out there somewhere. Come speak. And you Snow Globers? Tell us about it!

3GirlKnight said...

I haven't been ignoring you laura b. just thinking about this very important topic. So important I can't make a decision. :P

I suppose sno-globes. Maybe because there are good movie stories based on the magic of sno-globes. Don't think there are any bobble head movies.

laura b. said...

3GK: Oh, I know you have a thing or two on your mind. Glad you weighed in on this matter though!

Did you watch St. Elsewhere or was that before your time? Turns out the whole series took place in a snow globe, I, really!

Four for Snow Globes.