Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Waiting Month

December is a waiting month.  As the last month of the year and host month to arguably the biggest cultural and religious holiday of the year, December is a time when not much happens that doesn't have to do with those things.  There is a nice long school break and some companies basically shut down, at least for the week between Christmas and the New Year.  December tends to feel like a sort of break from real time in some ways.  I find that I am learning to appreciate it in new ways as I get older, as my kids get older, and my heart feels safer than it has....probably ever.   So today's Talk Talk Tuesday is me getting in the mood :-)  The mood for waiting.  The mood for planning.  The mood to celebrate!
Here is a photo that Princess Diva sent me with Little Prince and Love Bug
on Santa's lap at some other, inferior library :-)  Aw! 

And here is one of my favorite Christmas poems:

Somehow not only for Christmas
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others
Is the joy that comes back to you.
And the more you spend in blessing
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart's possessing
Returns to make you glad.
-- John Greenleaf Whittier

So there we go!  I am beginning to be in the right frame of mind :-)   Do you have to prepare yourself for all the glad tidings?  Or were you born ready?  Talk Talk!


Tara said...

I'm slowly getting into the mood of Christmas. When I was a kid, I would start getting into the mood for the next Christmas after I was done opening the presents.

Now I feel like I only get into the mood after I have finished with all of the Christmas shopping. After that, wrapping presents gets me in the mood! Especially if I can do it while listening to Christmas music.

Churlita said...

Good for you. I'm not sure I'm there yet. I keep forgetting that it's right around the corner.

Pamela said...

I'm not there yet...

3GirlKnight said...

Lately I've been having to pull myself up out of the depths of Scrooge. Decorating helps. Those cool twisted hard candies help too.

laura b. said...

Tara: I remember when Christmas used to be so simple and fun. Then we get to be grown ups and we see how hard that magic is to make!
I will feel a lot more in the mood when I complete my shopping. I actually sort of enjoy wrapping gifts, pretending to be one of Santa's big Will Ferrell-ish elves :-)

Churlita: It seems to come along so quickly once we hit Halloween!

NoRegrets: You'll get there :-)

3GK: I'm glad you got your ornaments. That should help. And the girls' excitement. And, of course, twisty candy ribbons and other seasonal delights.

secret agent woman said...

I'm not religious, but I do love Christmas and have managed to find a way to enjoy it without getting caught up in the crazier aspects of it. It's my favorite holiday.

laura b. said...

Secret: I'm not religious either, but I enjoy the generosity and sense of warmth Christmas brings. I have often found the days leading up to it a bit stressful. But then it comes and everyone is so happy that it's all worthwhile :-)