Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Settle Down, Missy.

Whew!  Breathing my usual sigh of relief that Christmas is over.  It turned out to be a wonderful day, as usual, and I worried for nothing...but that is better than having your worries confirmed!

Friday evening, Christmas Eve, Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad and I went out for Thai food.  The place was pretty deserted, but the food was delicious.  After that we took a tour of the best lit neighborhoods in Glendora.  There is one place that has that set up that corresponds to a radio station.  It was pretty amazing.  We even drove way  up GMR to where it is completely dark and wilderness-y to look down on the lights of the city.  Views like that are beautiful, but somehow make me feel a little lost, too.

Christmas itself, on Saturday, was really lovely.  We all met at WTG's house around 1 pm.  The little guys had opened presents earlier at their house, so they were able to eat a nice big lunch before we started working on the pile of stuff at this gathering.  There were so many gifts, that even working at a nice steady pace it probably took us a good 90 minutes to get through them all.  I had already open my presents from DR...this is what he got me:
Just what I wanted!

I also got lots of socks, some perfume, a new comforter and sheets, a necklace, slippers, Bear Paw boots, and several gift cards.  I couldn't have been happier and I don't think anyone else could have been either!  
Here I am braiding Miss Personality's fake blue hair.  
Out of everything the girls got, those little hairpiece things, which were part of a dress-up set that Girlie Girl got them, were their absolute favorites.  Miss Personality was genuinely thrilled by the idea that someone would really think she had some blue hair.  And Love Bug loves what Miss Personality loves :-)   Little Prince got a new ride on toy, seen in the background on one of the few occasions he was parted from it.

Sunday was super quiet, but yesterday, Monday, I ended up having to take my mom to urgent care.  She's been under the weather for probably three weeks.  Finally, she tried to make a doctor's appt. yesterday, but couldn't get in.  So I said that as long as we both had time, why didn't I just take her to urgent care and deal with this.  I mean, my mom is almost 72.  I don't think we need to mess around when she's sick.  So we got there about 2:30 and they said they couldn't see her...we'd have to come back at 6.  Fine, yes.  So we went back at 6 and they took her right in.  She was in there about an hour, which sort of worried me, but she was mostly just waiting I guess.  I had been real worried about her breathing, but they said her lungs weren't bad.  They didn't seem too concerned...they gave her a prophylactic influenza shot, measured her bone density and gave her the little mail in kit for a colon cancer test.  Pretty much the things they probably do when an older person comes in.  I was glad they didn't think she is seriously ill, but worried because she's has been not feeling well for so long....it didn't seem like something that is just going to go away.  But we'll see, I guess.  I told her if she wasn't well in a few days, we'd show up again.

Now it is Tuesday and I am hoping for relaxation.  I don't have my car, since Kick Back Dude had to borrow it, so that might actually help :-)  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  From what I've read so far on blogs, signs are good!  Now on to a bright, shiny New Year!  2011, here we come....
My babies.  
I hardly have any photos with all of them together!  They are a slippery bunch like that.


3GirlKnight said...

Hope your mom gets well soon. The lingering 'feel bads' are no fun.

It makes me sick that you're all standing outside in short sleeves. It's nice here now at 40 degrees, but we're supposed to get a high of 9 on Friday.

That's right. 9. Nine. As in single digits.

crazy4coens said...

Sounds like a great Christmas was had by all. I love the pictures. What a handsome family you have. Good work Dancing Bear! Good work!

3Girl - 9 is to cold. Come back to California!

Tara said...

That's such a cute photo of you and Miss Personality!

I'm relieved Christmas is over, too. I'll be more relieved once we cross the path to 2011. It's that cluster of holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year - so much frenzy. Today, though, I groaned out loud at the sight of Valentine's Day cards all set up. Give us a break, will ya? Sheesh!

Churlita said...

Nice pic of your handsome brood.

I hope your mom gets well soon and I'm glad you took her in. There's a lot of bad crap and catching things sooner rather than later can make a HUGE difference.

laura b. said...

3GK: Thanks, I am encouraging my mom to get enough rest, but she's a go-getter.
It was quite nice on Christmas! I love California weather...makes the high cost of doing business here nearly worthwhile. I can't even imagine 9 degree weather!!!

C4C: It really was a good day. And thank you for your kind words. I'm proud of my little tribe.

Tara: The Silly Season...starts with Halloween and ends with the New Year. And then my silly daughter who had to be born Jan 4. Once that passes I breath a real sigh of relief :-)
Valentine's Day, we can ignore that, can't we? haha! Just think of it as my birthday and nothing else!

Churlita: Thank you.
Yeah, I was already worried she'd been not quite well for so long. I was glad the doctor wasn't too worried...hopefully, more rest will do the trick for her.

BrightenedBoy said...

I hope your mother is alright.

At least the urgent care people saw nothing to alarm, right?

Now, I know this probably wasn't what I was supposed to get out of this post, but seeing the picture of you in the front yard with your granddaughter really brought home to me the reality that an actual person whom I've never met is reading my words and typing out replies from three thousand miles away.

Something about that blows my mind.

I get visitors from as far off as Australia and England, but seeing a fellow blogger's face somehow makes it more real.

Sorry, I know that was a weird tangent.

laura b. said...

BB: Thank you. My mom is now feeling much better, finally.

Thanks also for the tangent! I know what you mean. Being a rather shy person, I appreciate blogging and social networking as ways of "meeting" people I would never normally meet. And I am always touched and amazed that people...real people...respond when I write.

I am not sure how a 23 year old college student from the South and and almost 48 year old librarian from the South of California would come to meet in real life, but I'm glad we've met here!