Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Not a Present for Your Friends to Open

Our last Choose and Defend Wednesday before the holiday that we are all preoccupied with...that's right...Festivus!  haha!  Okay, not really, although I am going to repost the Festivus song tomorrow in celebration of the great event.  But today, I turn one last time to my preoccupation with packaging.  More?  Could there really be more?  There is!  There really is!  So, let me ask you prefer to open gifts:



This doesn't have to be about Christmas.  Let's say it is about gifts.  And wrapping.  And how you want to take the wrapping off.  Choose and Defend!


crazy4coens said...

Quickly all the way!

Churlita said...

Fast! I have no patience.

laura b. said...

Why am I not surprised that bloggers are a quick bunch :-) We're excitable!

Tara said...

Although I always want to extend the excitement by unwrapping slowly, the inner child tears them open in a frenzy. :)

laura b. said...

haha! See? Excitable!

3-0 for QUICK!