Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ketchup, Catch-Up

Want to play catch-up?  I haven't talked about my day-to-days in a few days and I feel the need to unburden myself of the good and bad stuff.  So.

Thanksgiving - Went to my dad and step-mom's house in Malibu, about a 90 minute drive.  Secret Agent Man, Social Animal, and Girlie Girl all had to work.  Handsome Lad was at his Uncle Nurse's house.  So it was just me and Kick Back Dude & family.   I was assigned to take Little Prince in my car, since they had over booked by inviting Princess Diva's questionable brother along.  Little Prince was a fine companion, although very quiet as he slept the whole way there. 
Anyway, we had a nice time there.  My dad seemed to love the questionable brother.  To me, as he gets older, he is harder and harder to talk to.  He probably enjoyed a fresh audience for his ramblin's.  Here are some of us at the groaning board:
We left my dad's about 4:30 and headed back towards home.  WTG was putting on his own working man's meal.  This meant that some of us got 2 turkey dinners!  Plus, I got to see the working kids and be thankful with them.  I'm going to be honest and say, my dad's turkey was better, but the atmosphere was definitely more relaxing at WTG's gathering.  Here are a few characters hanging out in the kitchen:

To summarize ( too late?), I had 2 Thanksgiving meals, didn't have to cook for either one, and ended up seeing everyone I cared to see!  Good day.

Friday - I got up early and went over to Kick Back Dude's house to babysit.  He didn't get that day off and since Princess Diva is in retail, she was strongly urged to work.  I ended up having a nice time with the kids.  Fortunately, it was pleasant and we could spend some time outside.  I, personally, have always found it so much easier to manage little kids outdoors.  I'm not sure how that trait would work if I lived anywhere besides Southern California.  I might have gotten myself into trouble...not really!  Um, not really.  After that adventure in babysitting, which included live tweeting (#thingstoamuselittlekids), I went home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I also got in a very long talk with DR.  As I've mentioned, we talk quite regularly and at length, but this was an extra long treat.  Really helps me to remain feeling connected to him, in spite of other uncertainties.

Saturday - Hung out with Handsome Lad all day.  He finally returned from Uncle Nurse's house late Friday.  He'd been gone since Monday, so I was really happy to see him.  He, Girlie Girl and I decided to go see 127 Hours.  I, in honesty, wasn't that into seeing it.  Plus, it is still playing in limited release, I think, and we had to go to Pasadena.  Parking is always a nightmare and going to a late afternoon show on a Saturday was expensive.  But there are not that many things that both of them really want to see (albeit for different reasons).  Now, having seen it, I guess I'm glad I did.  I mean, it was very well acted, extremely well done.  But people keep asking me if I liked it.  And it isn't really a movie you can "like"...but it did make me think I might like to read the book. 
Sunday - The last day of my 4 day weekend.  Didn't do much.  Felt good :-)  Still...was not ready to return to work, but of course I did and here I am!
I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I did get around to reading and seeing how your weekends went.  I always look forward to seeing how everyone else spends their time.  Now you know, at length (sorry), how I spent mine.   Thanks for reading.


crazy4coens said...

I also find little kid wrangling to be easier outdoors - as long as there is a large area or an enclosed area.

It sounds like you had an almost perfect Thanksgiving weekend. Good for you. Really!

Tara said...

When people talk about their Thanksgiving meals, I get hungry for the turkey all over again! Course it doesn't help that I didn't have breakfast this morning.

I wish my nephews lived closer so that we could go to the parks more often. Maybe not today, though, it's snowing.

3GirlKnight said...

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Hanging with the fam really does make if feel special, huh?

dadshouse said...

My son and I saw 127 hours. I had the same reaction as you. It was well done, well acted. But did I like it? Not sure...

Best movie I've seen in recent months? The Town (Ben Affleck)

NoRegrets said...

Funny. We talked about that movie over the weekend. One friend is adamantly opposed to giving the guy any money even indirectly, since basically he was an idiot. But, oh well. Thankfully I haven't experienced that yet. Don't think I'd want to see it on a big screen, for sure. Glad you got to talk to DR. You probably talk more to him being away than I talk being in person.

BrightenedBoy said...

Going to two Thanksgiving dinners you didn't cook is definitely something to be grateful for.

For some reason I'd always just assumed you lived somewhere in the South, and it never dawned on me that you might be in California.

Southern California is one of those places that just doesn't feel real to me.

It seems strange to imagine having Thanksgiving there, thought of course I'm sure you don't see it that way!

laura b. said...

C4C: It was not too shabby...thank you, really :-)

Tara: Right now, I sort of wish I was eating a little mound of stuffing. haha!
Like I said, I don't know how I'd manage children in a place with snow!

3GK: Everything is better with family. It can be hard to arrange once the kids get grown, but it is worth trying :-)

DadsHouse: Thanks for stopping here! It really is one of those movies that you can't react to in a simple way.
I have heard good things about The Town, but haven't yet seen it.

NoRegrets: Yeah, I can see that point of view, especially in the climbing community. If I read it, I will not buy it, but check it out here.
We definitely talk more now that we are forced to! You know how it is face to face...you hang out. Dead air on the phone sucks though, so we talk :-)

BB: haha! That's funny...yes, I am only in the South in that it is Southern CA. Only place I've ever lived, so it is the only reality I know. One of the things I enjoy about reading personal blogs is seeing what it is like to live in other places.

Churlita said...

Your holiday sounds wonderful. I wish you could actually see DR, but it sounds like you at least got a good talk in. Sadly, we all had to go back to a full week this week. Sigh.

secret agent woman said...

Two Thanksgiving dinners! Not bad. Glad you had such a nice long weekend.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I fantasize often about flying out to see DR for a few days, but just don't know how I'd pull it off.
Looking forward now to my Xmas break time!

Secret: It was like a sort of moveable feast :-) Thanks.