Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday 5 on Saturday - Literally Figurative

Even though it is Saturday, I thought I'd go ahead with this week's Friday 5, because it is as cute as a bug in a rug.  Literally?  Figuratively? 

1.Do you prefer to be in the driver’s seat or in the co-pilot’s chair, literally and figuratively?  As long as their is a pilot I trust on board, I tend to prefer the co-pilot's chair.  I am not a natural born leader.  I am happy to chime in with my opinion, but not as comfortable being the final word. 

2.Do you have a lot of baggage, literally and figuratively?  If figurative baggage is people and experiences that you must consider before making a move in life, then figurtively I guess I have a bit of baggage.  It doesn't feel cumbersome to me.  I think it is mostly (but not exclusively) good baggage.  Literally, I have practically no baggage at all!

3.How much junk have you got in the trunk, literally and figuratively?  Literally, my car trunk is empty, except when I put in the grocery bags.  The trunk at the foot of my bed, however, is literally stuffed.  What is figurative junk in my trunk?  My booty?  More than enough junk in that trunk, for sure.

4.At celebrations where people are drinking, are you more likely to be literally or figuratively drunk as a skunk?  Neither one.  I'm don't abstain from alcohol, but I'm not much of a partier like that.  I am far more likely to eat too many of the party snacks.

5.What’s something you enjoy that’s literally cheesy, and what’s something you enjoy that’s figuratively cheesy?  Something that I enjoy that is literally cheesy is this pasta with four cheese sauce that I can get frozen at Albertsons.  On the carton it says 4 servings, but I hang my head and admit that I will sit and eat it all for dinner.  I'm sure they mean 4 sides!  haha!  Well, and I only eat it as a special treat, maybe once a month or so.  Don't judge me!  As for the figurative cheese, you all know of my fondness for some competition based reality shows, such as So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars.  All very cheesy offerings.

Thanks for participating, and may you literally and figuratively get the whole enchilada this weekend!   ◄ Thanks for the Friday 5 guy for that line.  It was so cute, I had to keep it.


Tara said...

Four servings - bah! I scoff at the serving sizes as well. If I want a family-sized chicken parmesan dinner for a single chick, I will buy that family–sized dinner and eat it within a day or two.

I did this meme too - not much junk in my literal trunk now, since I dropped some stuff off at the Salvation Army station. Not sure if I have much figurative junk in my trunk, though.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! Thank you for not making me feel bad about eating four portions :-D You're a good friend.

I always think it is the best feeling getting rid of stuff that I just don't have any use for. Yay Salvation Army! I will have to check out your meme...

3GirlKnight said...

Is "So You Think You can Dance" still on? I've seen it once, and yes, it's the cheesiest of cheesy shows.

secret agent woman said...

1. I prefer to be in charge, but I don't mind letting others drive. And I better not be literally the pilot or we'd crash.
2. I try to bring one bag I can gate-check. I have a bit of emotional baggage like many people do, but I think I am pretty aware of it.
3. Sometimes the kids backpacks or music equipment are in my trunk (actually a hatch.) I don't keep a lot of stuff in my car. As for my personal, um, trunk, a moderate amount. I'm told I have a great trunk. Although that's usually not the word men use. :-)
4.I virtually never get drunk - once in the last many years. But I do drink. I'm not sure how you get figuratively drunk.
5. Any Italian food. Mmmm. And the occasional cheesy Christmas music this time of year.

laura b. said...

3GK: Yes, it is! I think that one is my favorite :-)

Secret: ha! You're right, "trunk" is generally not the term employed by admirers of that particular part of the anatomy :-)
And I love cheesy Christmas music moderaton, of course.