Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Today it is all about the neighbors.  We are all sort of like neighbors in the bloggerhood, aren't we?  My neighbors IRL, range from rather mean to perfectly friendly to a bit mysterious.  But, I'm sure we can all agree that everything is more interesting on TV, even neighbors.  Okay, not strictly true...many of you are MUCH more interesting than anything on TV...nonetheless...  There are lots of sitcom neighbors out there, but I chose these two because many people know who they are and they are sort of like opposite types.  So, of these two wacky sitcom neighbors, who is your favorite - Choose.  And why? - Defend!

Wilson (Home Improvement)

Kramer (Seinfeld)

There you go...Choose and Defend!  If you wish to throw in a little anecdote about one of your neighbors, please feel empowered to do so.  Thanks, Neighbor!


3GirlKnight said...

No contest! Kramer all the way.

"Why don't you just tell me the movie you want to see?"

"But I don't even really work here." "I know. That's what makes this so hard."

Churlita said...

I'll say Kramer. I love freaks and he would keep me laughing.

Tara said...

Oh definitely Kramer, even though I'd have an issue with him barging into my apartment whenever he pleased. Kramer's always good for a laugh.. Giddyup!

AlienCG said...

I like helpful folks with advice to give on a regular basis. For that reason, I am going to say, WILSON. Now, I gotta get back to work.

Pamela said...

I like the guy over the fence. Less in my face. And funny too.

laura b. said...

3GK: aha! A true Seinfeld affecionado I see! Nice. One for Kramer.

Churlita: hee hee! He is a bit of a freak :-) Two for Kramer.

Tara: Can you imagine him doing his famous entrance into your place? Whoa mama! Three for Kramer.

AlienCG: Good to see you :-) I like good advice too. One for Wilson.

NoRegrets: I fear I would grow tired of Kramer on a regular basis. Wilson, definitely less intrusive. Two for Wilson.

Everyone: Turns out to be a close race between Kramer and Wilson, with a score of 3-2. Anyone else? Won't you be my neighbor? :-D

BB-Idaho said...

When we moved in some 30 years ago, our neighbors were horses, herefords, pheasants and quail. Inevitable progress and we now have real people neighbbors. Kind of like that old Peter, Paul & Mary song...'Where have all the herefords gone, long time passing...'

laura b. said...

BB-Idaho: I have never had the pleasure of living in a more rural setting. It sounds lovely :-)

♫ Gone for burgers, every one...♪

secret agent woman said...

Kramer - at least he's entertaining. Wilson is too pedantic.

(My next door neighbor was out sweeping up leaves with her little boy and he asked me if it was okay if he swept my driveway, too. Now THAT'S a good neighbor!)

laura b. said...

Secret: Wow, I really like your neighbor! Four for Kramer.