Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He Sings the Songs That Remind Him of the Better Times

So glad the mid-term elections are over and done.  And no matter how things went for you, don't you feel we could all use a drink?  It is Wednesday, so let's Choose and Defend!  Make a toast and raise a glass...what are you drinking?

Beer / Wine 

Hard Liquor

Pick your poison...feel free to get specific in comments.  Choose and Defend!'s one for the non-drinkers -

No Alcohol for Me!
There!  Happy Wednesday Choose and Defend!

PS - Don't forget to tip your server.


3GirlKnight said...

While I have not tried a lot of hard liquors, what I've tried I've liked. I don't think any of them have been straight though...

But I have to vote for beer/wine. For a while now I've enjoyed trying different microbrewed beers, but I think my stomach is starting to not enjoy them as much as my taste buds. I'm seriously considering switching to wine. The Kendall Riesling I tried the other night was good.

Churlita said...

I can't really drink liquor - no tolerance for it. But I do likes me some beer and wine.

secret agent woman said...

Finally! One where I don't have to qualify my choice! Beer and wine, definitely. I used to be a scotch drinker or order things like screwdrivers, but not anymore. Give me a good cold beer or a lovely glass of dry red wine or some bubbly champagne any day!

FW said...

Beers and wine for me. I like the hard stuff every now, when I want the warm feeling as it goes down. But liquor is not refreshing like a cold lager can be on a hot day or straight after work.

Tara said...

I'm grateful the elections are over. Hopefully that'll be the end of annoying campaign ads for awhile! The signs, too, are peppered across lawns over here still. It's over, take the signs away! Sheesh.

Not a fan of hard liquor unless it's part of an ingredient for a fancy drink. I'll choose wine/beer - I like both wine and beer, depending on my mood. I think it'll be a beer weekend coming up.

Pamela said...

Beer and wine are fine. Don't hurt as much.

laura b. said...

3GK: I like to sample microbrews and enjoy a wine tasting outing too. It's amazing how many varities of beers and wines there are! One for Beer/Wine.

Churlita: Anyone with a tolerance has usually worked pretty hard to build it up :-) Two for Beer/Wine.

Secret: haha! Oh, good! It is nice when it is a no problem question once in awhile. Three for Beer/Wine.

FW: A portion of the pleasure of drinking is, no doubt, the ritual of it. Isn't even the thought of a Friday night lager a bit relaxing? Four for Beer/Wine.

Tara: I am so hoping we are allowed a break before everyone starts gearing up for 2012. *sigh*
I hope you have a nice, relaxing beer weekend :-) Five for Beer/Wine.

NoRegrets: Wine if fine, but liquor is quicker! Six for Beer/Wine.

Everyone: What a one-sided contest this turned out to be! Not that I imagined everyone was sitting around doing shots, but I thought maybe someone would be into the mixed drinks. It looks like Bloggers prefer their beer and wine! Anyone disagree? Or agree, for that matter?