Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes, We're Going to a Party, Party!

Today is Talk Talk Tuesday AND Ananda Girl's birthday, so I got her a cake in the shape of a helmet from her favorite team.  I think there is enough for everyone, so help yourselves!  And what is better with cake and coffee than some Talk Talk?  Nothing.  Nothing is better with cake and coffee than Talk Talk.   
Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.
- Sammy Hagar

Is that true?  Do birthdays feel like a fresh start to you?  Or do you feel the pressure of another year having gone by?  What do birthdays mean to you?  Talk Talk!  And Happy Birthday, Ananda Girl :-)


3GirlKnight said...

This may be kinda sad, but bday's are just another day to me. I enjoy the party that goes along with them, but other than that, I probably wouldn't care much if it never happened.

I actually dislike the "what do you want for your birthday" questions. I don't want anything. Save your money.

secret agent woman said...

I don't care about presents, but I think birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Cake and presents for the kids, of course. This year I'm talking them to a restaurant in town I thin they'll like. And of course, I just did a weekend thing for someone I love for his birthday.

NoRegrets said...

Hmm... At this point, they are something I want to grab a hold of and not let go. they go by too quickly.

MrManuel said...

Birthdays? I see them solely as days to party and nothing else!

laura b. said...

3GK: I guess that is the attitude that we will tend to get once we're adults...especially once we have kids. Our birthdays become less important.
I want lots of things...but probably not things anyone is going to give me for my birthday:-)

Secret: There is something uniquely sad about someone's birthday passing uncelebrated.
I feel like I am always planning so last minute...it is cool that you have your birthday celebrations ready to go. And I really enjoyed reading about the last birthday you helped to celebrate.

NoRegrets: We're definitely made aware of the passage of time in a pretty concrete way with birthdays. And time, it do fly...sigh.

MrManuel: Awesome! Well, I have to say, not many people know how to party like you. You and Miss Sassy Pants may be the rulers of all that is Party.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday, Ananda Girl!!

I feel at least a little excited each time I turn a year older. Although I don't usually think of birthdays as a fresh start, I certainly don't think of them negatively. Our birthdays are a day to celebrate ourselves.

laura b. said...

Tara: I have always liked having that one day that felt like "mine". And as I get older, I am trying to look at it in a positive way.