Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There Were Two Things That Were Missing From His Life

Talk Talk Tuesday trundles towards you terribly tenaciously!  Um.  Hi. 

Last night my son Handsome Lad cooked dinner for Girlie Girl and I.  He enjoys cooking.  Last time we went to the bookstore we each got a book -

Can you guess which is his and which is mine?  Yeah, no challenge there :-)   Anyway, he boiled up some whole wheat pasta and made a simple tomato sauce using whole canned tomatoes that he hand crushed..I  helped with that...that part was fun.  There was also some onion and garlic and a dibble of olive oil.  It was deeeelicious! 

I like to eat, clearly...but have never been terribly fond of cooking.  Of course I cook.  I mean, I do a fine job I think, but it isn't really a pleasureable activity for me.  Since I associate cooking with caring and nurturing, it feels like a definite flaw in myself.  I know I feel cared for when someone cooks for me.  I would like to be that sort of generous person, but honestly, I can barely even fake it.  So, I mourn that stingy part of me.  And that is how I came to this Talk Talk Tuesday...

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love."
~Craig Claiborne, Kitchen Primer

I thought I'd ask how you all feel about that.  Do you like to cook?  How do you feel when someone cooks for you?  Is providing food that you didn't prepare yourself even a distant second in your book?  Talk Talk!


Tara said...

I don't mind cooking for myself, but I prefer to cook for others, I guess! It depends on what I'm cooking, though. I like to have the confidence in the fact that what I prepare will come out tasting good.

I love that your son wanted to cook for you. He looks so determined in that photo.

Churlita said...

In my world, food is love. I like to cook and have someone cook for me. Too bad you don't live closer to me. I'm such a feeder, I'd be bringing you sustenance all the time.

NoRegrets said...

Hmm... just because you don't cook doesn't mean you don't care or nurture in other ways. Right? It doesn't seem like you are a self centered, egotistical wench.

I love to cook, but it's not always about nurturing. I like to create things, good things. I do like when people cook for me, but since I hate doing dishes, I'd rather cook.

laura b. said...

Tara: See, that is nice that you like to cook for others! I wish I liked it more.
I was so happy to be cooked for! And he was very focused on his task :-)

Churlita: I know! You are always making something delicious over there!
Now, about moving to Iowa...

NoRegrets: Yeah, cooking isn't the only thing that makes someone nurturing. It seems so basic though...sort of primal.
But, see there! I don't mind washing dishes! So I can at least make myself useful if someone cooks for me :-)

secret agent woman said...

Oh good for your son!

(I'm reading that very Sedaris book = funny stuff.)

laura b. said...

Secret: Fortunately, all of my children can cook if need be, but it is nice to have a couple that actually seem to get a kick out of it.
I ♥ David Sedaris :-)

BrightenedBoy said...

Lucky you! I'm like ten years older than your son and am only just now embarking on cooking myself.

laura b. said...

BrightenedBoy: As the youngest of five, he tends to forge ahead pretty well. I am lucky! :-) Do you enjoy cooking?