Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 5 - Fields

Not to jinx anything, since it is still rather early in the day here...but what a good week this has been!  Let's celebrate by participating in this week's Friday 5, shall we?  We shall!  Or at least I shall.  But like most other activities it is more fun with friends :-)

1.What is the field nearest your home like?  Just a couple of blocks away is a small wilderness park.  There is a flat field area with trees and some picnic tables and a little play area.  Then there are some hills with hiking trails.  It's a lovely little pocket of nature in the middle of Glendora. 

2.How did you get into the professional field you’re in? If you’re not working, what field are you most likely to find yourself in some day?  I got into my field mostly by chance.  Of course, as someone who loves reading I had often thought how I'd love to work in a library or even a bookstore.  When I saw an ad in the paper (remember that?) 10 years ago for a part-time Library Associate position at a small public library, I decided to go for it...and the rest is history!  (Just call me Original Laura B.)

3.What’s the most interesting sight within your current field of vision? I'm at work, and as you may recall, I like to keep lots of good visuals around me.  It's actually pretty awesome, the lot of it.  But I guess my eyes are most drawn to the pictures of my kids and DR, within my current field of vision.

4.Where were you the last time you fielded questions from several people in turn?  Fielding questions from person after person, in turn, is a big part of what I do for a living.  So, yeah, I was sitting at the public desk the last time that happened!

5.How are you feeling (fielding?) right now?  I'm super!  Thanks for asking!  

Happy Friday, all y'all!  May your weekend be a field of dreams.


Ananda girl said...

1. The nearest field here is a big expanse about a mile down the road between a shopping center and the industrial area where things here turn rural... just a big expanse of meadow grasses with beautiful hills as a back drop.
2.Right now I feel like I don't have a professional field. But its looking more like a retail life awaits. Crap.
3. I am on my patio, where my computer is located. Next to me is a four foot tall clutch of bamboo that looks like Cousin It.
4. My last interview.
5. I am feeling wonderful today and full of hope, hearts and rainbows... maybe even a unicorn or two! :-)

Tara said...

Gotta love a wilderness park! We have the Metroparks (we old-schoolers call it "the valley"), and the areas are perfect for walking, jogging, picnicing, fishing, etc.

You reminded me I had to get my act in gear and do this meme! Thank you! It's up now!

Churlita said...

I love the field across from my house. People walk their dogs there and it means I don't have very many neighbors.

Have a great weekend!

secret agent woman said...

You can't jinx a good day or week by acknowledging it. It's good to be aware of it, I think.

I have a walking path that has a lake on one side, field on the other. I love it.

laura b. said...

Ananda: I like the sound of that Cousin It bamboo...and I'm glad you are feeling so bright and lovely!!!

Tara: I've seen some pictures that you and Alien have posted. Your Metroparks look amazing.
Yay for us and Friday 5!

Churlita: It does seem much nicer to look across at a field, rather than at more houses.
Having a fine weekend and believe that you are too :-)

Secret: My logical mind knows I can't jinx things by talking about is my lizard brain that freezes up or something.
You are so lucky to have a nearby lake. That must be so restful.