Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday 5 - Ink

Well, lookie here.  It's Friday and often that means I feel compelled to Friday 5 you.  If you're into it, well keep reading and feel free to play along.  If you aren't into, also read?  And comment about how bitchin'  your long weekend is gonna be :-)

1. What are the coolest and ugliest tattoos you’ve ever seen?  There are a LOT of tattoos out there at this point in history.  I like some of the ones I see that include color, but then again I like some of the very simple, but strong black designs I've seen.  I don't really like it when someone is so tatted up that you can't really tell what you are looking at.  I kind of like tattoos and would even consider one for myself if I could think of anything I REALLY wanted permanently etched on my flesh.
You've seen this before...Social Animal's version of the "family" tattoo.
 2. Have you ever had a meal in which squid ink was an ingredient? How was it?  I have never had a meal in which squid ink was an ingredient.  And at the risk of sounding closed to new ideas, I am okay with keeping it that way.

3. Are you one of those people who has a favorite pen, or one of those people who just uses whatever’s at hand? What’re your favorite pens like?  I use whatever is at hand.  However, I prefer the clicky pens to the capped pens.  And I do like the feel in my hand of the more expensive, heavier pens, but am not good at taking care of them :-(

4. There’s a box of colored markers on the table, and someone tells everyone assembled to grab one. If you have first pick, what do you take?  I'd probably go for the blue.  It stands out without giving the more specific message of green (go!) or red (stop!). 

5. Have you ever written on a wall in a public place?  When I was in college, the restrooms stalls were full of bathroom philosophy.  Questions, answers, statements.  I could seldom resist joining in those discussions.  It was like early Twitter, I guess...

And so it is writ!  Have a great long weekend, those of you who are indulging.  Or, have a great regular weekend.  AND if you haven't had a chance to Choose and Defend, scroll on down to Wednesday's post and partake of it's groovy, gooey goodness. 


Tara said...

Ha, yeah bathroom stall messages could be the old school Twitter! People even added to those wall messages until it became one big blob of insults and expletives. Hehe.

I might indulge on Taco Bell tonight as I start my long weekend. You have a very awesome weekend, LB!

secret agent woman said...

1. Sometimes they are interesting, but I'm not a big fan of tattoos.
2. I had pasta colored with squid ink once. It was good.
3. For work I use Bic clicky pens with a cushioned grip built it.
4. Green, because it's nature's color.
5. Nope. My parents had a strict anti-vandalism philosophy that I absorbed.

laura b. said...

Tara: heh! When I was picturing the walls it seemed very message board-ish to me :-) I hope you got your Taco Bell and that you are having a GREAT long weekend!

Secret: Thanks for the answers! Now, I do recall that squid ink is more of a coloring agent than a flavoring thing...I think? And it is nice to hear of someone who took their parents' lessons to heart.