Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Guy Should Be Me...

...I'd look much better on TV.  Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday here @ Fresh Hell!   I've been busy lately.  You know how it, family, and of course it is that time of year again...television series premiere season!  I get a little excited when the new shows come out, hoping that there will be something in the current crop that will be my next Arrested Development or Seinfeld or Six Feet Under or Dancing with the Stars ;-)  Anyway, yes, I do have my mind on the telly.  Probably, since you all have functional personal lives and such, you are not quite so devoted to the boob tube.  However, you may watch a thing or two now and then.  So, I thought I'd offer some choices on this fine Choose and Defend Wednesday!  THREE, in fact, this time!  Wow.  So, here you go....what do you tend to watch most?


Dramas / Procedurals


Reality Based

Alright!  There are your broad choices...Choose and Defend!  As always, feel free to get specific in comments.  Have an all-time favorite show that you are waiting for others to match up to?  A current must see?  Something especially anticipated?  Tell us all about it!  Also, feel encouraged to check out my special Dancing with the Stars page.  I couldn't help it.  Call it a sickness.  Now...Choose and Defend!


Tara said...

Since most sitcoms disappoint me now because they don't live up to "Seinfeld" humor, I haven't been looking forward to too many of them. I am giving "Mike and Molly" a chance though. It's kind of cute and at least three of the actors have great comedic timing.

I've been stuck on the Drama/Procedurals..Well actually just one right now, "The Closer". Hopefully "Justified" will come out with the 2nd season, too.

I choose Dramas!

3GirlKnight said...

Since I wish reality shows would fall off the edge of the planet, those are out.

I really enjoy some sitcoms. Right now it's The Big Bang Theory.

But I suppose I watch more of the procedural genre. Especially if it's sci-fi, but I really enjoy the original CSI.

I'll go with Drama/Procedural. (Although I've never heard the term 'procedural' before.)

Pamela said...

I guess drama... comedies are so often so bad, though if you get a good one it's great.

dmarks said...

Sitcoms, for sure.

I mean, come on, years later which shows have the lines that everyone is still quoting?

It's hard for me to find a drama/procedural that will get my interest (unless it is scifi or fantasy).

Reality shows? I watched a few seasons of Trump, but grew tired of it and don't watch anymore. Stan Lee's "so you want to be a superhero" is long gone, as is the Branson millionaire show.

I would not miss them if they were gone.

FW said...

I like dramas and some reality shows but a good sitcom is the best, especially those you can watch over and over again and quote from. Even now I can still laugh at old episodes of Friends even though I might have seen them before.

Ananda girl said...

I am so boring!

I do not care much for sitcoms anymore. They have lost their oomph for me.

Drama... well it depends on the subject matter at hand.

I do not like reality based shows much at all.

I guess, I am the Sci-fi sort and the educational channels like Discovery and History. That feeds my brain and I like that part very much.

secret agent woman said...

Not many sitcoms pull me in anymore, although it has been fun watching old Seinfelds with my kids. The one I watch often is the Office. I adore that show.

I rarely watch reality shows because so many of them seem mean-spirited. Except I do enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance - there are some amazing dancers on that one.

My vote would have to go to the drama category, though, since I really do enjoy NCIS and Law & Order SVU (just watched the season premiere last night).

Churlita said...

Dramas for sure. I'm addicted to True Blood, Weeds and Nurse jackie.

laura b. said...

Tara: I was curious about Mike & Molly also, but didn't watch the first one. Let me know how you like it. I need to get The Closer on DVD! One for Dramas.

3GK: I tried to DVR Big Bang Theory last night and my DVR failed me! Rarely happens, I was bummed.
Yeah, I've heard the term "procedurals" for the detective or courtroom type of shows, where each episode sort of follows a pattern...I think. Two for Dramas.

NoRegrets: haha! Lukewarm endorsment :-) Three for Dramas.

Dmarks: I tend to agree.
I doubted anyone would favor what we tend to think of as 'reality' programming, but I thought it could also include, say, sports or shows like Mythbusters. I wasn't clear :-) One for Sitcoms.

FW: I agree absolutely that only sitcoms are eminently rewatchable. Two for Sitcoms.

Ananda: Now, see...with the Discovery Channel stuff, I think a lot of that would qualify for being Reality based! So, that is what I am giving you :-) One for Reality.

Secret: Oh, I adore The Office too! And agree that some reality type shows are just...mean. I have felt so uncomfortable watching some prank type shows that my kids like. But I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance :-) Four for Dramas.

Churlita: Oooohhh, good ones! I am planning on watching Weeds on DVD. Five for Dramas.

Everyone: I think this is surprising and usual. You guys always keep things fresh here for Choose and Defend! 5 - 2 - 1 for Dramas - Sitcoms - Reality (and Ananda may not agree with what I decided there) Anyone else want to talk about what your watching on tv lately?

dmarks said...

I love True Blood, but the web site ch131 which let me watch seasons 1 and 2 does not carry 3 yet.