Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eeee Heeee Heeee...

Today's Choose and Defend Wednesday is brought to you by the power of drive time radio.  Yes, I was inspired by this morning's playlist on my drive in to work.  Let's call this....The Battle of the Idiocyncratic Black Artists!  Choose your favorite from the usual field of two.  Defend your choice to the best of your ability.  Ready? 


Michael Jackson

No one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike...I only wanna see you laughing....Choose and Defend!  Woooooo!


Ananda girl said...

Easy choice for me. Prince. He remained fairly true to his oddness, while I watched Michael continually deform himself into something scary without needing makeup. I guess I am uncomfortable that someone would want so desperately to alter who they are. It feels painful to me. Prince obviously liked himself. While I'm not saying that vanity is good, not liking yourself is clearly bad to me.

3GirlKnight said...

You've succeeded. I'm laughing. In a groaning sort of way. :P

Only one of them (I believe) was ever a dancing zombie. I'll go with MJ.

Tara said...

Although I loved Michael Jackson back in the day because of those earlier songs (I feel the need to dance during the song "Thriller"), I'm going to go with Prince as my final answer.

I have to stop what I'm doing and listen if I hear songs like, "Rasberry Beret", "When Doves Cry" and "Kiss". Good stuff.

Churlita said...

Talking strictly just about the music, I think MJ had a bigger and more diverse body of it. After 1984, it seems like every Prince song was about sexing someone up and he could have put that theme in one album and be done with it.

I'm going with Michael Jackson.

AlienCG said...

Prince is, by far, the better songwriter and I like lyrics. My choice is PRINCE, final answer.

FW said...

Both have produced some great pop tunes. But I think I'm going to go with Prince because his songs have more depth and would hold my interest longer than MJ's. I admit though, I'm not a huge fan of either artist.

laura b. said...

Ananda: That is one of the things that disturbed me most about MJ. He was a handsome black man and he wanted to be something else.
I am all for liking yourself, vanity can be positive. One for Prince.

3GK: I will take those laughs any way I can get them :-D And you're right...there is a lot to be said for having been a dancing zombie! One for Michael Jackson.

Tara: The danceability factor is high for the two of them, but you are feeling Prince more! I can get behind that. Two for Prince.

Churlita: haha! Well, I see your point. A good deal of Prince's music could fit into the "sex you up" theme. Two for Michael Jackson.

AlienCG: Prince definitely has a way with words. Final answer? Yes. Three for Prince.

FW: For me, I mostly have a sort of nostalgic fondness for each of them, in different ways. Their songs make me think of specific times in my life. Four for Prince.

Everyone: Prince pulled ahead at the end here, for a 4-2 lead over Michael Jackson. I'm hoping for more imput. Anyone? Bueller?

secret agent woman said...

The young Michael Jackson. Because both his later incarnation and Prince at any time creeped me out.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Definitely Prince.. although MJ had a very successful career and some very popular songs.. I think that prince was able to stay true to himself a little more than MJ..Plus all the weird stories of MJ doesn't help his case.. Prince.. my final answer!

laura b. said...

Secret: I like that you chose a specific Michael Jackson :-) Three for Michael Jackson.

Ananda: MJ struggled with himself it seems and Prince seems to be...Prince. Interesting. Five for Prince.

Prince is still in the lead with a score of 5-3. More?