Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Car Thoughts Please!

Again with the car troubles.  Guh.  My car wasn't even acting up, but last night it just quit on me.  I stopped at Walgreens on my way home from work and when I came back out to head on home...nothing!  Social Animal came over to try and jump me, but that didn't do it.  I had a feeling it wouldn't be as simple as the battery.  Anyway, I called AAA and got a tow over to WTGs house.  He is going to have this mechanic take a look at it.  The tow truck guy seemed pretty sure it was the starter.  Now I am hoping it is THAT simple.  Let it be just one simple part that the mechanic can switch out, not too pricey, and off I go. 

It sucks to have my car break down.  There is still plenty of luck to be had, though. 

1. The tow truck driver was a very nice young guy.  We had a pleasant talk about our dream cars.
2.I have help from WTG with a place to park the car and have it worked on.  He's also nice about picking up parts the mechanic might need. 
3.I'm able to drive Girlie Girl's car today...with so many other drivers in the family, we do have the luxury of someone's car generally being available.

Whenever my car is being worked on I think of that scene in Vacation with the mechanics.
 "How much is it?"  "How much you got?"
So, again, wish me luck and have a great weekend!


secret agent woman said...

Car troubles bite. But I have also discovered the unexpected benefit of having a kid with a car!

crazy4coens said...

Great deep sadness for you. Great happy car thoughts to you. All will be well and work out perfectly. As usual.

AlienCG said...

I always hate car troubles. I hope it's nothing major and you can get your car back on its again soon.

laura b. said...

Secret: Four out of five driving at this point. I should seldom be out of options for a temporary vehicle.

C4C: Thank you. This car has been pronounced DOA, but I know something else will work out.

AlienCG: This car's drivin' days are over. I've more or less been waiting for this other shoe...or tire to drop.

crazy4coens said...

laura - wow! DOA. i am so sorry. :-(

Tara said...

Well it looks like there are some good things going for you in this area. I hope it is a simple and affordable solution. I'm glad WTG is helping out, too!

NoRegrets said...

Hmm... starter is easy but costly. I hope it's just a bad wire!

laura b. said...

C4C: Thank you. The old gal will be missed.

Tara: No simple solution this time, but all is not lost. Thank goodness for family help!

NoRegrets: It is going to be a lot more costly than a starter, unfortunatly.