Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekends Travel at the Speed of Light

DR took this very cute picture.  Like me, Little Prince carbo loaded, but did not run the next day :-)

Turned out to be a really nice weekend.  Friday night featured the Big Eat.  We had spaghetti, bread, and salad.  Some of us had no right to be carbo loading. (And given that the race was a 5k, some would say NONE of us had the right to be carbo loading.)  But it was still a good meal.  The Kick Back Dude family was there, plus DR, Girlie Girl, and Handsome Lad.  After dinner some of us viewed Without Limits, some worked on their KenKen, and some just jumped off of beds and made lots of noise.  Of course the awful man from downstairs had to come up and complain, but I was in no mood.  I called him on his very loud TV watching almost nightly and he made some sort of threat about really watching it loudly.  Yeah, right.  Anyway, I think he can put up with a little extra noise every so often.  I mean, when he came up it was only 8 pm...on a Friday night!  Um, but other than that, the night was good.

Saturday, the kids went off to their run.  I had thought I might go, but WTG decided to go.  I decided that would be a good reason for me to just stay in bed with DR.  Anyway, everyone had a great time at the run.  It was Handsome Lad's first event and he loved it.  He, Kick Back Dude, and Secret Agent Man are planning to do another run in a couple of weeks.  I love that they're doing something healthy together.  Brothers in that family tree have traditionally been close, but the older generation focused their energies on the drink...not so healthy. 

Saturday night, DR and I went to see Alice in Wonderland.  It was so cool  to see in 3D.  It was pretty amazing to look at and the actors were all very good.   I was somewhat disappointed in certain aspects of the movie.  It lost something of the cleverness of language in this telling and the situations were more like a typical action movie than an imaginative adventure.  I am probably not explaining that just right.  I do recommend it, because it was enjoyable...I guess I was just looking for something more clever between Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton.  

Sunday was a quiet day.  DR had to work, so I just used the day to catch up on my laundry and do some reading.   The time change, either direction, always makes for a weird day, and losing an hour is the worst!   I do love Daylight Savings Time, though.  It is great to still have sunlight when I get off work at 6.  But it does take some getting used to.  The kids were with their dad for most of the day.  In the evening, some of us went out and had Chinese food.  We have this one place we go to quite often and I imagine the people there just cringing when they see us coming in with the babies...they do make a mess.  But they are always very kind to us and the food is delicious and I guess that is why we keep going back.

I hope you had a good weekend too.  It certainly makes the prospect of the working week more manageable.   Here's to a great week for all of us!  Oh, and beware the Ides of March!  Darn Ides... 


Tara said...

I had a perfectly-worded comment all typed out here, and it didn't take. Now I can't remember what I was going to say. Grr.

Well first, good for you for sticking up to the guy who complained about the noise! He's got a lot of nerve complaining when his TV is so loud.

Now I want to make a spaghetti dinner now! Just to eat for myself!

Churlita said...

That's great of your boys to do that together. I hope my girls get to that point someday.

I have heard that some criticism about the movie. it's too bad, because it could have been so good.

Pamela said...

Sounds relaxing... good.

laura b. said...

Tara: Oh, I hate when my comments get eaten! And it is always my best ones.
That guy is so odd. I promise, we are usually so quiet, he had no call to try and ruin our family time like that.
Spaghetti is always a good idea!

Churlita: There is something amazing about watching your kids interact, isn't there?
Yeah, some movies are just not good. It is almost more disappointing when they are good...but not as good as they should have been.

NoRegrets: It really was. Thanks.

AlienCG said...

Damn neighbors. Luckily, I live in a house and don't have upstairs or downstairs. Next time he complains, kick him in the nads.

Good thing to avoid any type of situation that might get uncomfortable. Avoid confrontation whenever possible.

I have heard some mixed reviews about Alice. Especially since it's not the story from the book.

I guess they'll keep serving you as long as pay your bill and leave a good tip.

secret agent woman said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I've always thought it bitterly unfair that weekends are so short.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I would understand the neighbor more if he lived a silent life...he does not. I am not counting out nad kicking just yet.
haha! Part of me understands that the restaurant won't really turn us away, but I still sort of tense up every time we walk in :-)

Secret: Two days of weekend is certainly not enough. It is a dispropotionately small slice of peace and/or fun!

Sebastien said...

want to see Alice, but that's unfortunate that it doesn't quite capture the magic of Carroll's word-play. I think that is quite a tough task actually. I need to read some other work, especially poems by Carroll, been meaning to for a while, just haven't gotten around to it.