Tuesday, March 23, 2010

But Wait! There's More!

The girls working their kissy faces.

I have had a busy couple of days here at work.  The beginning of the week tends to be like that lately.  But I wanted to do a quick post here, because I feel somewhat deprived when I don't!  Not that I have much to say, so this will be brief...hold your applause please...

In brief: 

Great weekend.  A day with DR and a day just cooling my jets.  The more time I spend with DR, the more I love him.  Guess it is a good thing our time is somewhat limited or I'd probably be in way over my head :-)

So far, a fine, productive work week.  I had my annual review and it was very complimentary.  It doesn't cost anyone a thing, but it is great for morale.  I really did feel appreciated as my supervisor spoke to me about the work I do.  It's a great feeling.

Tomorrow...Choose and Defend.  Be there or be ska-where!

Hey, tell me something really nice that your boss said to you recently.  If you don't have an outside the house job, tell me something nice that anyone said to you recently!  Let's all get our boast on, shall we?


MrManuel said...

Good job on your review. It's always good to get complimented.

As I am my own boss, I don't have reviews nor get compliments. I guess Jess is my boss in one way or another. Maybe I should go fishing for compliments from her.

Churlita said...

Way to go on your weekend and your review. My boss laughs at my jokes. I think that's really nice of her.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I don't work outside of the home.. The most I have had for a compliment was the chicken dinner I made last night was really good..

Tara said...

Well during this transitional phase from one job to the next, I am answering any questions my manager has, since he'll be learning the stuff I've been doing for him. He came up yesterday and said that he has a whole new appreciation for me! Awesome! :D

Tara said...

And congratulations on your great review! I hope it really made your day!

Pamela said...

Ah, love... :-)
Hmm... she said she got freaked out when she realized how much work I do and wondered what she'd do when I'm gone.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Thanks, I do appreciate a thoughtful word...I guess everyone does!
I bet you don't have to press too hard for a compliment from Jess. She is obviously your #1 Fan :-)

Churlita: Thank you! And I would never underestimate how great getting a laugh feels.

Mrs: Oooh, I love it when someone compliments my cooking! I bet you get that a lot.

Tara: That is really nice! Sometimes it isn't until what you do is all laid out that everyone realizes how much you did...and you made it look easy :-)
And the positive review really did make my day.

NoRegrets: I know, right?
That is a great compliment! Like everyone's fantasy...you'll be sorry when I'm gone!