Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Will, We Will Rock You!

You can tell by the title of this post that there is a sporting event going on, can't you?  Of course!  For today's Choose and Defend Wednesday, I thought we could stick with amusements, re the heated Card vs Board games debate from last week :-)  So, here we are at a big sporting event.  For the purposes of Choose and Defend, we are going to consider the three sports that are considered very popular and also somewhat uniquely American.  Hey, I have to narrow these things down somehow.  Now, your favorite sport may not appear here.  Mine does not.  However, if forced to Choose (and of course you absolutely are) which of these sports do you prefer...and why?  Let us feel that Defense!





The battle lines have been drawn.  Choose and Defend!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Well that is a easy one for me.. I would pick Football..But I don't watch a lot of football.. The Grey Cup and the Superbowl trully are the best to watch..

AlienCG said...

Hmmm, you've finally got me to stop and really think. I'm gonna rule out basketball right away. It's just not my thing even if the Cavs have LeBron. That brings the choice down to Football or Baseball. I like both, but I am going to take BASEBALL since it's played through the summer. Also, going to baseball games with dad and the evil one are a highlight of my summer.

Pamela said...

Football. Baseball is slower. Basketball has less things that can go wrong and smaller court/field.

Churlita said...

I'm going to pick football because I can watch it live and on TV. I have a hard time watching baseball on TV without falling asleep. But I love going to a stadium in the Summer and watching it.

daffy said...

Neither... well I would say football but not that kind of football. I think you call it soccer?
(I am a bit grumpy and humourless though... I was trying to think of something funny but ... nothing. :o)

Tara said...

Let me go on record by saying I am not a sports fan at all - but the only one that gets me mildly captivated if I am watching it live is baseball. So that is my final answer,! :)

secret agent woman said...

Basketball, I guess, because it moves along at a fairly good clip. They all bore me, but I LOATHE baseball.

Sebastien said...

I am a basketball person. I love the flow of the game, it is much more fluid and doesn't have as many stoppages. Plus I feel that 5 players on the court for one team is the perfect amount.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Even people who don't like any sports seem to watch the Super Bowl. It is one of those universal things I guess. One for Football.

AlienCG: Aw, I really like your defense! Spending time, outdoors, with your family...awesome. One for Baseball.

Pamela: Ah, I like that too! A woman looking for something unexpected and maybe dangerous to happen. Two for Football.

Churlita: You make a really good point about the difference it makes watching a sport live or televised. Three for Football.

Daffy: You are allowed to be grumpy...for now! Soccer doesn't get nearly enough attention over here. But I'm giving you that vote...One for Soccer.

Tara: I confess that I would answer much the same way :-) Two for Baseball.

Secret: Yes, basketball has a lot of momentum and baseball tends not to. One for Basketball.

Sebastien: It is a more manageable to team to keep track of as you are watching, isn't it? And, yes, very quick. Two for Basketball.

Everyone: Well this is interesting to me. Eight people have stopped in and there is not a resounding winner yet. Football leads with 3, 2 each for Baseball and Basketball, and 1 for the dark horse, Soccer. Looks like we need more votes here! Lay it on us...what do you prefer?